1. Sagey

    Fibromyalgia blood test and vaccine development

    Hi, I was just searching the web and came upon info on a company named Epigenetics.They have developed a blood test for Fibromyalgia and according to them it is 93 percent effective. I looked up the news on this company and it seems the are doing a lot of clinical trials and trying to make...
  2. D

    Hello im new to this 😕

    I really dont know what to say but i i have fibromyalgia i am in so much pain my hole entire body hurts so bad every bone every day all day all night been to dr after dr every test i can get tried cymbalta it did nothing i am barely working i am 36 years old i am used to working 4 16 hour shifts...
  3. B

    Curious if this sounds like Fibro..

    Hey everyone I'm new here. I'm a 31 year old male who has had IBS, anxiety, irritability, tics, tremors, twitches, fidgety, fatigue, wake up feeling like I haven't slept...since I was a kid. Even as a kid, I thought I would end up with fibro someday. Most of my symptoms are in the right side...
  4. C

    Partner Tentatively Diagnosed

    I'm dealing with doctor frustration like never before!! I personally suffer with Interstitial Cystitis and I feel I'm pretty used to dealing with doctor silliness, but I don't understand this at all. About 6 months ago, in October 2016, my partner (19 y/o female) began experiencing abdominal...
  5. Dooi

    Do you think you might have chronic fatigue syndrome?

    Take this free 5-minute test online to gain some insight into your symptoms and likelihood of a chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis: Chronic fatigue syndrome test
  6. Dooi

    Free Fibromyalgia Test

    Are you curious about the possibility of fibromyalgia? Educate yourself about the methods of diagnosis and take a fibromyalgia test online. Take the test
  7. L

    What do you think?

    Hello! I am kind of freaking out My story starts two months ago, when I began having pins and needles all over my body, muscle pain in my legs, arms and my neck, and twitches all over my body and headaches. Of course, I went into Dr google, and I started getting crazy about als (something highly...
  8. Aurelia

    I Am In A Lot Of Pain And Need Help

    Hi everyone, I'm new and from Australia. I am so glad that I just found this forum. :) A friend recommended looking up Fibromyalgia when I was discussing the symptoms of my ongoing illness and pain on my Facebook. I post there to try and cope with what I'm going through and my online friends...
  9. L

    Where do I go from here?

    I had my rheumatologist appt today and saw a different doctor. I've waited months to see them, have been at my GP constantly and am attending regular meetings with my boss at work due to sickness absence. I pinned all my hopes on getting some answers today and the doctor was useless! She said...
  10. L

    Misdiagnosed for 22 years..it was lipitor

    I was diagnosed 19 years ago with FM. I went from doctor to doctor looking for anything that would help my symptoms of fatigue and pain from head to toe. Nothing ever helped me. My symptoms got worse and worse, and I became more and more depressed. I found a Rheumatologist who ran every test...