1. D

    Nail Psoriasis

    Many months ago, like 6 or longer, i kept banging my thumb nail. I’m a klutz! When I went to get my manicure it appeared that I had a nail fungus. Got some stuff to use and seemed to get a bit better, never went away. Been going up and down with it. Nail also lifting off the bed as...
  2. W

    Guaifenesin Protocol

    I was diagnosed with Fibro and RA in 4/2015. A double whammy for sure! I started getting Myer's Cocktails I.V. until Hurricane Maria wiped out the pharmaceutical factory in Puerto Rico & now the medications cannot be obtained. I recently started reading a book: What Your Doctor May Not Tell...
  3. E

    At a Loss

    Hi everybody I am Eric and it's hard to believe that I am coming up on a year of being officially diagnosed as for a couple years they could not figure out what was going on but anyway. I am currently at a loss as what to do with my Rheumatologist as before officially being diagnosed I was...
  4. S

    Looking for help and advice for my Fibro

    Hi Everyone. My name is Sam, I’m almost 31 years old, I have 2 small children, and I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It has completely stolen my life away from me and left me in debilitating chronic pain, not to mention has completely messed my brain up with the memory loss and...
  5. A

    Hi from a mum in the UK

    Hi I've been struggling with my health for about 25 years. Specialists have told me it could be RA but I don't have swollen joints. Others have said it's a virus that needs to work its way out of my body. Others have said i have hypermobility as I was a gymnast when younger. Others cite fybro...
  6. S

    trigger points

    i meet all the requirments but the tender points. The dr has on my report chronic fatigue but I just took the test on here and scored low on that and high on fibro. I had a medtsop dr say I have fibro and Ive said I had fibro for years. Ive also been diagnosed with central pain syndrome, but...
  7. cosmicbiscuit

    Road to proper diagnosis: I suspect it's fibromyalgia

    Hello to all forum members. I'm glad this community exists to help people that have been diagnosed and also the ones like me seeking for a proper diagnosis. Thanks for spending time trying to help others and sharing tips or just listening. I'll try to keep my case simple. I've had chronic...
  8. P

    New member....Military

    Thanks for letting me join! I'm 39. I was diagnosed in March '17. I am coming up on my 15th year in the military. I just found out I am going through the MED Board process. Looking for advice, treatment options and somewhere to research more about Fibro.
  9. S

    A Massage Chair added to my Therapy has CHANGED MY LIFE

    This year after trying every type of therapy and treatment I came across I have finally, FINALLY feel like I can Manage my symptoms via MMJ, Gabapentin, sertraline, amitriptaline, long hot showers, and an massage chair. ALL 6 are equally vital for me. The addition of the Massage Chair just...
  10. 1sweed

    "Fibromyalgia: New Insights, New Hope" Part 1

    Study about Fibromyalgia, provides new insight into what it is and possibilities of treatment. Show in medical terms but easy to understand.