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    Random Paresthesia pain like Electric shock, burning sensation and Pins.

    On 23rd June, I woke up with a pain in my right hand palm which felt different compared to all the pain I experienced before. It doesn't looked like some bone pain or pain after cramp. It felt like the pain was coming from inside the body and to be precise it felt like it was coming from Nerve...
  2. D

    New in Perth, Western Australia

    Hi, I've just joined. For several years I've had doctors, massage therapists, chiro's etc mention I could have Fibro. I didn't think much of it until my combined symptoms have become steadily worse. I'm not yet diagnosed and have no idea where to start. My ongoing symptoms are: Severe Restless...
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    Practitioner in Nassau County Long Island?

    Thank you so much, volunteers and community, for the mutual support and sharing resources here. I am looking for a practitioner who can treat fibromyalgia in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. (Towns might include Great Neck, Manhasset, Roslyn, Port Washington, Glen Cove, Garden City, Lake...
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    Need doc in north east

    I am new to this forum. Very happy to have found it. I was diagnosed over ten years ago. I gave my full story under the new member thread. Anyway, I am having a very difficult time with the pain, fatigue and brain fog for quite some time now. I have been to several specialists who have now...
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    New to the "club" in western NY

    Hello out there in fibro land. Just want to say how glad I am to see this support forum. It has been very helpful. I have been having RLS for quite a few years now and lately it had gotten quite bad even in day time. Also had that warm water flush feeling in my legs. Just saw taht others have...
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    the lesser of two evils

    hi, I amk new to this forum. living in west Africa and wanting to connect with other sufferers. no comforts here! want to give up meds because of side effects, scared because they actually do lessen the pain and help me sleep. I hopeyou are all finding some relief with the support and...
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    yesterday, sad day of mourning

    im posting because im not on face or any other site and this is close and very important to me! yesterday was a bad terrible day for law enforcement we lost two of our brothers on very cruel horrible ways that make me sick! i was alarm response i worked with cops every night i was and am...
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    Woke up to the Grain Brain Doctor

    We've been sold a bill of goods on wheats/grains/non fat/low fat foods for a LONG time and each and every time I hear Dr. Perlmutter and his Grain Brain book, I want to scream to the world....Wake UP.... Read this book and change your life. Go back to our traditional ways of eating, not the...
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    Hello From Arkansas

    I have had this fibromyalgia since 2002, it is not any better, My doctor acts like it is all in my head. Is there any one here from Jonesboro, Arkansas that can tell me about a good doctor or any one here from West Memphis Arkansas that know of a good doctor there?
  10. T


    Hi, a very close friend of mine was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in March this past year. I've been doing quite a bit of research on it and i found that most people with this disease are missing certain vitamins and minerals. I also dont really believe in western medicine so i started looking at...
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