Bad Day

That would be an amazing gathering @Auriel @JamieMarc and @JayCS !

I feel the four of us could either change the world for the better or veg with laughter 24 hrs a day! 😍

A happy day to you all
We'd do both!!!
My memory is getting worse and I am getting really worried about it. I don't know if it is fibro fog or alzheimer's, three of my relatives had suffered from alzheimer's how would I know the difference?
Hi @male
It's worrying isnt it? I have the double whammy of perimenopause fog and fibromyalgia fog. I really thought I was going mad or getting Alzheimer's as well.
I would have a word with your gp about your concerns, given your family history. It may put your mind at rest of they give you appropriate tests.

It may sound trite, but I do think doing crosswords or puzzles et c can help ' exercise ' my mind?

My own fog is for me is worse when I can't think of simple day to day words, like door or rug. But yeah, I do muddle things up like getting the taps the wrong way round. I try to think before I act. Frustrating, when simple tasks fail,and mornings are a big no.

Do ask your gp.
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My memory is getting worse and I am getting really worried about it. I don't know if it is fibro fog or alzheimer's, three of my relatives had suffered from alzheimer's how would I know the difference?
Definitely talk to your doctor about this, as suggested above.
there are specific tests that a specialist can give to you which will determine whether you have the beginnings of Alzheimer's or not. A GP is not going to be able to administer these specialized tests, so you need to be referred to someone who can do that.
I am so sorry for your bad day. O have a constant pain in my shoulder and upper arm since last 3 days. I hope you just have much better days start soon. I know your frustration my husband is an extremely passionate and helpful person but sometimes I have a bad feeling he has to do more and more because my illnesses, but believe me our husbands not thing we are a burden on them. We are married 48 years went through so much, and he never complain because I am ill, and I am sure your hubby is the same. take care and fingers X better days coming!
Thank you @Edit. Some days just seem too much dont they? Just like what next??

I do empathise with you about a slight guilt at our husbands stepping up to do the things we can't do anymore. But I try to remember it's a partnership and we also help them when we are more able to do so. If the show were on the other foot so to speak.
We have a bit of catching up to do - we have been together ' only ' 30+ years, and weirdly married for 5 (!) it's all give and take really and we just try to work to our strengths and weaknesses through all the years.
I hope your pain lessens for you. Taking each day as it comes like all.of us
@SBee @male

That worry of "is it dementia or Alzheimer's?" has had me query the doc a few times over the years before I found out I have fibro.

I still have that concern, so now and then I run it by the doc, bot so far, I don't tick the boxes, thankfully.

I agree with @sunkacola , check out with a doctor. Better to know if it is or isn't , and if it isn't, will help you to stop worrying.
I just saw my new rheumatologist. and he was amazing! But what he find out was not the best;-((( I straight needed an IV Iron transfusion because my IRON LEVEL COULD NOT DETECTED IN MY BODY! My GP know that from 2021 and he even did not advice take any iron replacement! the new doctor said it is very alarming, that is the reason my fibro pain, memory problem etc is worst because my brain and body don't get enough oxygen. next day I was in the hospital for transfusion, and I already feel the positive effect. I am lucky to find him, he is originally from Poland but grow and educated here in Australia. 3 weeks from now I have a new blood test and need in every 3 months. he did send email to my GP (I think it was a polite but angry letter for his slack behavior). I noticed 3 months ago my skin start to get yellowish and that is one sign if somebody is very iron anemic. he said if this is not treated ASAP my organs can collapse without any warning. it was a scary situation, but it is over and I hope better days coming, what I wish for everybody here in our forum!
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Hi @Edit

I'm so pleased you found someone that actually took notice. I think a lot of GP's are slack nowadays, not like they were 30 odd years ago, the system seems to be gradually falling apart.

I always ask for complete checks with blood tests, figure it's hard enough to get my blood, so do the whole lot, vitamin levels as well as iron etc. Iron is quite often at the upper levels, but I know it does get low sometimes. Thanks for the heads up on that.
Luckily my surgery does a full blood test at least once a year as part of a meds review, and also on thyroid level checks.
my iron levels have been pretty rubbish since I was a teenager who have been on prescribed iron for most of my life. I'm not keen on taking vitamins as a supplement s as a routine thing, but last bloods showed low in vitamin D and B12 So I take those. Good to be able to have these checks to see what crops up.

@Edit sounds like you have a good rheumatologist there.
@Edit you're so lucky they found that in time! Im glad youve found the postitive in this, its so crazy no iron detection was already known yet no recommendations to have iron injections or tablets, I don't understand what's wrong with these drs sometimes, (and their nonchalant attitude to thing's)
yes, I feel very lucky. after my IV iron transfusion I feel much better. the irony I got a kidney infection last week, but after a week of antibiotics I fell much better. I still take my iron plus C vitamin what my another female doctor who I see with my female problems recommended to me and I got B12 injection every 3 months. I think I keep going all the pharmaticular company with profit:D. Here in Australia if somebody reach the threshold the yearly limit what have to pay for the government subsidized medication on that year the rest of the medication is free of the end of the calendar year. In this year I already reached in end of April. this is a big help for the pensioners from the government. I hope you have a better days, take care!🥰
Sounds.helpful @Edit the government subsidising some prescription meds. The NHS do this in some cases in the UK, particularly if you are on certain meds for life, but they don't necessarily advertise this very well....

It's always worth speaking to a pharmacist to ask if a person may be eligible if on a lot of medications - and as we age ( I like to think of myself yet to come up to my prime 😂) our list of medications get longer.
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That explains the phone call I had yesterday @SBee (some kind of pharmacy team?) Trying to lessen what I take , it was embarrassing (they didn't state the time of my phone call) I was outside explaining everything to them! 🙄 (aw nevermind, it is what it is 🙃) 🌟💖🌟