Chest pain

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Oct 17, 2013
Hello, just wondering if anyone else experiences chest pain ? This is one of my "newer" symptoms
I get heart palpitations sometimes, but that is because I leak potassium. That causes an irregular heartbeat. I also have indigestion, which can also cause pains in the chest and arm.

Chest pain like how? Can you describe how you have chest pains? This could be a serious issue that you might need to speak to your doctor about.
I get esophageal spasms, periodically. They cause chest pain but are part of the muscle spasms I experience all the time.

If you are having chest pain, have it checked out! It is better to have a doctor scratch his head wondering or to give you a diagnoses, than it is to sit alone, fretting about the pain's cause!
Feels like heaviness/pressure...comes and goes?
Thanks...I do this all the time...I hate going to the doctors
No, the sharpest pain I've ever had around that area was my gallbladder attack pain. Sometimes my lungs hurt (I think, it could be something else) but that's it. Have you thought of seeing a doctor? I TOTALLY hate doctors, but lately I've had to consult a lot of them... they can be so heartless! Don't you dare to feel sorry for yourself if you haven't lost an arm, a leg or an eye... because all you will get is: ''Well, you act like this is the end of the world, you are still alive, aren't you?''. True story! I had a doctor saying that to me. So I DON'T blame you for not liking them at all!
I've had that too! And yes, it feels like my lungs hurt...sometimes very hard to know how to describe pain. Thanks, I know I should get it checked out... I can't believe your doc said that...totally heartless!
Welcome to the forum. There is a very good chance that you have a condition called Costochondritis. It is inflamation of the lining tissue and muscles between your ribs. Do a web search so you can read about it.

The best treatment I know of is using a heating pad, holding it on the affected area on low to medium heat. It is helpful to wear a shirt of some type to protect your skin. Be careful not to fall asleep with the heating pad on for long periods of time, as it could catch on fire.

Or with the help of a friend or relative, take a cloth like a hand towel. Soak it in water and ring out really good. Place it in the microwave until it is warm but does not burn your fingers to handle it. Take it out. Lay down on your bed and place a thick dry bath towel over the area that hurts the worse. Then lay the warm wet towel on top of the bath towel. Let the warmth soak into that area. This is where a friend comes in handy for when the wet towel starts cooling off have someone reheat it and put in back on. If your doing it yourself it only makes you hurt more, in the getting up and laying back down over and over.

Try using a over the counter pain medication. It usually takes a few days to cure it but it is not life threating, just very painful.

This helps in easing the pain and relaxing this area. Hope it helps you. :)
Thank my heating pad and use it often...will try it for this :)
Hello, I have not been diagnosed with FM but I have some of the same symptoms as women I know who have been diagnosed. I do have chronic pain and have had it for 6yrs now. All of my blood work, xrays and ct scans say I am healthy but I have chest pain every day. It feels like pressure. I describe it as feeling like someone has their hands on my chest and are pushing their weight against me. On the really bad days it feels like someone is sitting on my chest ( I call it the fat man lol). The medicine I take helps a little, it takes the edge off but it is not a cure. I do the wet towel in the microwave and use my heating pad for my neck and shoulder but not my chest so I will have to try it.
I've had that too! And yes, it feels like my lungs hurt...sometimes very hard to know how to describe pain. Thanks, I know I should get it checked out... I can't believe your doc said that...totally heartless!

Hey Kris! Have you got your gallbladder checked? You know, sometimes gallbladder attcks seem to feel a bit like chest pain... because the area that hurts the most is so close to the lungs! But that's where you usually feel the pain caused by a gallbladder attack.

Thanks :) I had to see that doc again last week... I'm glad I survived that appointment, no more worries until 4 months pass!

I highly recommend you get medical attention the next time you experience chest heaviness and pressure. I was a cardiac cath lab nurse for many years. The ER can evaluate you and determine if this pain is cardiac related. It is very important to rule this out first, then evaluate any other causes. There are many causes of chest pain between the chin and navel, but eliminating the heart is first priority. Call your doctor and let them know you have been having this. He can set you up with a stress test and other outpatient testing.

I am not wanting to scare you, but I just want to let you know how important it is.

Heart disease in women has now surpassed all cancers combined as the leading cause of death in women. Women tend to attribute symptoms to other causes and will ignore them. Men are more likely to seek attention. Also, women have atypical chest pain; meaning we do not exhibit text book signs and symptoms. Some women may have back pain as only symptom.

Please keep us updated on your condition.

As far back as I can remember, back to being a little girl, I have always had sharp stabbing pain on my left side that comes as fast as it goes and takes your breath away. If hurts worse if you try to take in a breath. It feels better if you put your hand on it and push hard and hold. I found out I had WPW Syndrome when I was 17. I had an ablation. That didn't stop the chest pain. I was told by two doctors it's probably from inflammation.
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