1. C

    Mucinex Has Reduced my Fibromyalgia pain

    I read in a book by Devin Starlanyl, MD that Mucinex (guafenesin) can help with FM pain. So I tried it & I'm feeling better. I have had FM for over 30 years, have tried every rx & alternative substance you can name, with little to no benefit. I had no expectation that it would help, but I'll...
  2. D

    What to do about chronic pain

    Recently went to a pain dr again. Was diagnosed in 2006 with FM. I done physical therapy for the 20th time it seems but this time,the therapist I had said there has been zero change and that pt will not help me.It was hard doing pt,I was able to go 2x a week and laid up 2 days after each...
  3. D

    Intermittant pain

    Do any of you have bad pain when in a flare from head to toe and all of a sudden it's gone for a couple hours or a day then is just as suddenly back again??
  4. B

    Pain management journal

    dear friends, My doctor has begun me on a new medication. Reading through this forum some of your suggest journalling your pain. Can someone share how exactly you are doing that? What are these pain dairies and journals? Can one create an online journal that I can share with my doc?What...
  5. D

    Daily Pain Progression

    Does any of you feel pretty good once you get moving in the morning, then by mid afternoon to evening the pain just progresses? You fool yourself thinking that maybe it's not so bad then by evening it comes back with a vengeance. That's been my experience lately.
  6. J

    Ongoing pain left side L5, S1, S2 - going for radiofrequency ablation

    I definitely have fibromyalgia but in addition I suffer from lower back pain. This time on the left side. Saw pain mgmt dr. First had sacroiliac joint injection. Did not help. Then had a series of 2 medial branch nerve blocks into Left sided L5,S1,S2 both of which provided pain relief for a...
  7. H

    Pain preference if given a choice?

    I'd say this will be a controversial topic but I'm curious 😊 As people with Fibromyalgia I know the range and severity of the pain we experience, and the types of pain we experience, are too many to count or list. My question is this: do you have a preference in the type or severity of pain...
  8. cookiebaker

    Pain and Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies

    I recently saw a pain management Nurse Practitioner (NP) to discuss my current medication, and looking for potential nutritional reasons that my pain levels are so high. She ordered a battery of tests to check levels in common pain related vitamin/mineral deficiencies and the results are kind of...
  9. chance1252

    Pain in fingers and hands

    Hey all, So I’m starting to have severe pain and stiffness my fingers and hands. This is a new area of pain for me and it’s also way worse in the early house of morning. Just wanted to know if anyone else deals with this. Thanks
  10. K

    Constant ache/pain in legs/feet w/ sudden onset

    Hello. New here, 40 yrs old female. I have been experiencing a deep ache from hips down to tips of toes. Occasional sharp pain. It doesn’t go away. It started pretty suddenly about 5 days ago. There is fatigue, insomnia (or at least hard to get to sleep), and some IBS. Some numbness in hands at...