1. H

    Pain, sleep and snoring 😭😭😭

    Ahh dear here i am at the end of a brutal day painwise. My partner has also had a big week and he does a manual labour job. Hes an incredible man and i love him to pieces but i am seriously struggling with his snoring. Ive tried ear plugs etc, hes tried a cheap mouth guard and this mouth spray...
  2. J

    so much more pain

    my symptoms have been getting so much worse over the last few months. lately, every other day or so I wake up in enough pain to cry. being in the same position for five or more minutes has become torturous, i have to move and shift constantly, and often i won't even feel how bad it's gotten...
  3. JamieMarc

    Morning pain, stiffness and recovery time

    Like many of you, I feel certain, I wake up every single morning stiff, with a lot of pain all over my body, and it takes me at minimum 2 hours before I can really accomplish anything. The first thing I always do when I wake up, after steadying myself and making sure my balance is okay, is get...
  4. longtimer

    Opioid long term use and increased pain

    Hi - I was given Tramadol about 15 years ago and have been on it ever since. My fibro pain has dramatically worsened in the last 3 years and my doctor wants me to get off the drug because he says it can cause opioid-induced hyperalgesia - or increased pain. Has anyone else experienced this? or...
  5. SweetWithSour

    Pain management apt: excitment, anxiety, and fear

    I have my pain management doctor appointment tomorrow. Part of me is thrilled and about time as this was scheduled in October. There is also a lot of anxiety and fear of repeats of past experiences with pain management, or I should say lack there of. They resulted in psych consults, and pain...
  6. SweetWithSour

    Bone pain

    Hi y'all, I hope you are well. I'm looking for some help. This pain I'm going to ask about could be caused by my tumor-induced osteomalacia (TIO). But I'm hopeful the pain types some of you found good relief in your toolbox. I have a deep bone pain, an ache like pain but very intense. It...
  7. C

    Mucinex Has Reduced my Fibromyalgia pain

    I read in a book by Devin Starlanyl, MD that Mucinex (guafenesin) can help with FM pain. So I tried it & I'm feeling better. I have had FM for over 30 years, have tried every rx & alternative substance you can name, with little to no benefit. I had no expectation that it would help, but I'll...
  8. D

    What to do about chronic pain

    Recently went to a pain dr again. Was diagnosed in 2006 with FM. I done physical therapy for the 20th time it seems but this time,the therapist I had said there has been zero change and that pt will not help me.It was hard doing pt,I was able to go 2x a week and laid up 2 days after each...
  9. D

    Intermittant pain

    Do any of you have bad pain when in a flare from head to toe and all of a sudden it's gone for a couple hours or a day then is just as suddenly back again??
  10. B

    Pain management journal

    dear friends, My doctor has begun me on a new medication. Reading through this forum some of your suggest journalling your pain. Can someone share how exactly you are doing that? What are these pain dairies and journals? Can one create an online journal that I can share with my doc?What...