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Aug 5, 2013
Hi I new to this I was told in may this year that I fibro after a lot of years of suffering with one thing to another.
But I find that I get very emotional like the other day I was shopping with my son and we were looking at birthday cakes and I got very chocked up and this not the first time I find my self like this is this connected to fibro or is there some thing else going on :?
I think having fibro makes us more in tune with our emotions and something that reminds us of happier days and times, is bound to get us a bit upset. Some things I have nerves of steel and other things make me cry for no reason at all. Also emotions can be brought on by hormonal changes in our bodies. One minute we are happy and the next moment we are crying like a baby.

When you are in pain constantly and dealing with stressful life events, it is no wonder that we flip from happy to sad in the blink of an eye. But if it gets to be a big problem for you please go see a counseler at your local mental health center, because it could be depression that is causing the symptoms. :)
A big thank you I thought I was going mad went to day to the doctors he has up't my meds
Hi trigger....I cry at everything, but is that the reason your doctor has upped your meds? I would question that. I agree with 1sweed...when you find yourself with an illness of any kind, you seem to appreciate the good times much more, which may have brought on the tears. My daughter has special needs, and I find myself crying every moment that I spend with her, because I don't know how much more time there is....you know? Just my 2 cents...
I get emotional at times too. I think sometimes it is just because we live with such pain. It is hard not to be emotional even if it comes out at times that are not associated with our pain. It is hard not to have some strong emotions when chronically ill.
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