Extreme fatigue

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being knocked out on sleep meds
Really? I didn't realize they can detect enough despite meds! I'm not sure if I was taking the amitriptyline at the time, but it wasn't doing that much anyway.
Do you take extra meds then, do they give you or do you use your normal dose?
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Phosphate deficiency is a reason for fatigue not often mentioned. Chance finding in my last bloods...
Eating mozzarella (best nonfat) and soaking pumpkin seeds and almonds overnight (or 18h) increase it most.
I tried Chinese medicine and acupuncture recently and found it quite effective. I have noticed a huge difference and they worked for me for sure. I would highly recommend it but everyone has a different experience. I purchased some herbal supplements online from a brand called GinSen who helped me to improve my fatigue issues through their advice and help.
Hi @Neha12, and welcome! 👋

Recent developments of mine:
My new alternative health practitioner includes TCM, including diet. She hasn't recommended any of the teas to me, but praps because I stress that I can't drink or eat anything hot.
She was very happy when I said I've been doing "real Chinese" acupuncture for the fatigue.
I took a break from the acupuncture since my 3rd CoV-jab 6 weeks ago, cos I had the feeling energy is "OK-ish" at 20% (the previous jabs had decreased it to 5%) and sleep is really good now. Acupuncture hypes me and increases my insomnia, so I have to be counteract that imbalance, which isn't easy.
Last week I tried the acupuncture again (33rd session), but it at most hurt. Pity.
Her TCM diet recommendations for me are OK, but there are only 4 foods I can add, nothing to leave.
The changes in supps and diet are so small compared to what I do already that I can't imagine them helping my fatigue, but I'll implement as much as I can, and see what comes of it...
Aside from fibro giving me fatigue, I'd like to mention having seasonal affective disorder. As soon as the sun goes down, my fatigue becomes so bad! Or even if it's grey outside during the day! I use a bright light and take extra vit D.
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