Had a bad day

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Apr 21, 2013
My legs felt like someone had stuck knives up into my nerves and kept twisting them today. So I got out the D.V.D player and put on Toy Story three for the girls. They both love it. I was lying on the couch half asleep with the baby lying on my stomach. I didn't mean to fall asleep but I was pretty exhausted. Something warm on my stomach wakes me up. The baby had just pooped all over my new shirt, which had white flowers all over it. Now there brown flowers. I just got that shirt, and now its probably ruined. I can laugh a bit about it now. Though I'm still upset over the shirt it wasn't the baby's fault.
Oh, too bad that happened. But hey, let's think of the brighter side here, shall we? First, just think that at least, you were awaken from your deep sleep because the baby has pooped. It could have been worse. At least you were not awaken because the baby fell on the floor. That could have been really bad. I mean, you said she was on your stomach and you were exhausted so I assume you were deeply sleeping that time, so you could have forgotten that the little one is on your stomach. About the shirt, oh, it's just a shirt. I know it is nice, and dainty, and you must have gotten it for a special occasion and planning to wear it again on that event you have been waiting for. But! Baby poops are not that hard to remove. In fact, just a little soaking in water sort of dissolves their waste and the dirt finds it way away from the fabric. Besides, baby poops do not stain. Just a simple wash and you will surely get the shirt back to its original pretty appearance.
Oh no!

Indeed. Soak the shirt in cool water and some Dreft baby detergent and it should come out in the wash! Just give it a 30 minute pre-wash soak, then wash in water that's as warm as your fabric will allow. It should come right out!
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