Overlooked therapy? Nandrolone gave me back my life!

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Jun 12, 2023
In summary, NANDROLONE relieved 99% of my CFS/Fibro symptoms. Let me give some background and tell you why I think it works.

I've suffered with CFS/Fibro since 2010 (13 years now!) and experience all the hallmark symptoms including fatigue, extreme pain, exercise intolerance, sleep disturbances, etc. ALL OF IT. In general, with relatively brief periods of time where I've been able to function at a higher capacity, the condition has continually kept me in enough pain to limit the consistent enjoyment of life and prevented me from employment because of its high unpredictability. I have the misfortune, as I imagine many of us do, of not having a medical care provider that truly understands the condition, much less one that proactively seeks to help find any therapies that help alleviate the symptoms.

Within the past year, I've worked with a clinic that works with testosterone replacement therapy that would work to try to bring my hormone levels into an optimal range. My testosterone is at the very bottom of the "normal" range which is a huge range and a regular doctor will not treat you for low testosterone despite your symptoms. The specialized clinic works to optimize levels to improve symptoms of low testosterone but is not for the purpose of excessive use that a person abusing steroids would do. So testosterone itself seemed to help but certainly was not my miracle cure for my CFS/Fibro symptoms.

Earlier this year, my TRT provider added nandrolone to my regime for the purpose of alleviating joint pain. The amount used is a small therapeutic amount of 25-50 mg per week, a fraction of what someone abusing the drug for bodybuilding purposes would use.

In three months time, my life turned completely around. I had energy. I had less pain. I was able to exercise. I was able to function socially. I was ME again. After 13 years of struggle and often unbearable pain, I felt like I GOT MY LIFE back. Only here's the thing. I didn't realize that it was the nandrolone that had made the difference until I took a break from it and all the CFS/Fibro symptoms came roaring back.

You see, I took a break from nandrolone because as good as I was feeling, my sexual function was suffering. And that's because nandrolone effects nitric oxide which is necessary for erectile function. So ceasing the nandrolone brought back the function AND the fibro pain allowing me to connect the dots of why the nandrolone worked for CFS/Fibro in the first place. Considering that excess nitric oxide is has been studied and is thought to be involved in CFS/Fibro symptoms, specifically pain, the very thing that is considered the bad thing about nandrolone is the exact thing that makes it a successful therapy for CFS/Fibro - the lowering (or regulation) of nitric oxide. Yes, I know that the studies on NO and CFS/Fibro are sometimes contradictory but if my experience is any indication, NO is at the very heart of the horrible condition.

Now, if you search on the web, you will find very little on the connection between nandrolone and CFS/Fibro. I found one post from 13 years ago from someone who proclaimed that they were pain free after being switched top nandrolone from prednisone. Thing is, because nandrolone is a steroid that has a reputation for being abused for bodybuilding, the stigma has caused it to be overlooked or cast aside as a possible treatment for CFS/Fibro (much like study of psychedelics were stigmatized and ignored for their possible benefit for treatment of depression and mental health.)

So, in conclusion, I'm just sharing this experience and would love to hear from anybody else who has had experience with nandrolone. I'm not advocating it as a cure for anyone or anything of the like, only testifying to the change it made in my life. Imagine if you could wake up one day and feel almost normal again. Imagine if the thing you need to do that is something that's been there all along and is just being overlooked. I think this is it. Thanks for reading.
Hi thanks for posting interesting read. I'll talk to my GP and give it a try. The side affects shouldn't bother me being female??? I've found Amitriptyline very helpful taken at night.
Wow! Really interesting; thank you for sharing your experience with nandrolone and insights on NO correlation.
Very interesting, thanks for sharing your life-saving experience! 👐

How long have you now been on it? And what about the other side effects / downsides? I'd be predestined to get the insomnia, diarrhea & nausea it can cause.
And clevelandclinic says "some" side effects can be "permanent" even after stopping it.

Like you testosterone down a bit I was offered it early on, after progesterone, which didn't do anything. Independently of the fibro diagnosis actually. Just I was told I'd have to keep using testosterone once I started, which sounded scary. Also that alternative orthopedist had quite a few strange ideas and most of what she gave me and did harmed me considerably. So I wasn't inclined.

Nitric oxide / oxidative stress is also something a functional doc (Bodo Kuklinski) here saw as the core problem of ME/CFS and fibro. I followed his supp protocol carefully 3x with absolutely no difference. After getting lipid and mast cell problems I am now taking quite a few of his recommendations and look up his dosage recommendations like those of Teitelbaum for orientation, but for different reasons. "Antioxidants"....

So our experience that absolutely nothing helps everyone probably means it's good for you, but not necessarily for anyone else. Nonetheless, it will be one of the 100s of overlooked therapy forms.
@Judy Jones - nitric oxide will be a problem for males and females alike, but also the other side effects (like amitriptyline was an enormous problem for me).

The website innovativemen propagates it, describes it quite well, denies the permanence of side effects, but cautions it needs to be physician directed.
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