Amino acids have nearly done away with my fibromyalgia

So happy that you have found help. I wish I could I’m so fed up of suffering X
Can you share the supps you recommend?
Can you share the supps you recommend?
Hi Dawn - I'm not sure how you mean this, the thread is full of various supps, would it help if they were listed? And do you mean everyone or someone specific? (Unfortunately if we reply to posts no one can tell which post it was, unless we quote from it, by marking and then clicking on reply...)

The problem is that it's hard to "recommend" anything, because so much depends on the individual symptoms, our reactions to them, our co-morbidities.... There's about 50 I'd suggest to try.
That's so good to hear 🤩 I didn't work for me though - the only thing that worked so far is guaifenesin. Most pain is gone but can't wait to be 100% so I can do sports, chores and all (if ever?!)
As a person who got real benefit from collagen, i am absolutely going to try supplements of these amino acids!!!!
hi mrstiggywinkle,
i just saw your post and wondered how you were doing atm? i have recently been adding l argagine and others to my pack and have noticed a real increase to my energy since adding the l arganine. it is early days but i am feeling optimistic.
over the years i have noticed i can get a boost with certain amino acids but never really been able to pin down an exact one. i take quite a cocktail currently and have been stabilized with many bedridden during the week. however, since the l arganine addition, i haven't had a full bedridden day and am hoping this could be the way forward. your post gave me hope.
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I've done a lot of digging and I don't know how many times I've read that L-arginine helps with fibro pain. That's exactly why I went and bought it. I intend to start taking it because of all the benefits articles say there are for fibromyalgia using L-arginine. So apparently it does have something to do with fibro.
Yes. I've read that amino acid can help with fibro. I went out and bought mine to try to. It's nice to know that they actually are helping real people and it's not just on a study. You really helped me with my decision. Worth a try
I've watched a lot of things on YouTube and started googling what the videos talked about which led me to amino acid. L-arginine was the first one that came up to help fibromyalgia. It explained how it helped, so I continued to research it. There are so many articles on L-arginine and thiamine. So much so that I went out and bought 1000mg L-arginine supplements. I also checked to make sure it didn't interfere with my meds. I am going to take that with my fish oil, magnesium, vitamin b complex, vitamin c and d. I take l-lysine and was happy to find that the 2 work hand in hand on several things. After reading the reviews of L-arginine for fibro, I had to give it a shot. Not to mention the muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and the naltrexone that the doctors have prescribed. I will probably start the other supplement she said because that was another that I read about. I'm hoping to eventually end all the meds doctors gave me, if I find these supplements to work because the prescribed ones really don't work much. After fibro flare and laying around crying, for 3 days, I am going to try just about anything.
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