Relief factor


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Oct 16, 2023
Just curios as anyone tired a product called relief factor? Suppose to reduce total body inflammation.
Hi there - as you're new, haven't introduced yourself as having fibro...
people might not be blamed for thinking you're trying to sell it,
rather than that you are thinking of trying it yourself.....

It contains epimedium, turmeric, resveratrol and fish oil (omega 3 - EPA and DHA).

Epimedium is unlikely to help us,
turmeric isn't bad, but I don't tolerate it,
resveratrol is in a laughably tiny amount of 70mg in 2 capsules (I take 2x400mg/d),
and I prefer algae oil to fish (vegan, mercury, no gel capsules).

So I wouldn't recommend it.
ConsumerLab and other neutral reviewers says it's much too pricey for its contents: 80$/m with subscription, plus shipping and handling.

And no way is it the place to start supps if you have fibro. It's mainly reviewed for joint pain anyway.
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