Worried about DWP thinking i am totally cured because of treatment.


Dec 12, 2022
I am trying to go for treatment for mental health issues.
But what they fail to understand is I lot of my time I simply cannot concentrate on a TV or computer screen for over an hour or its stop and start.
So how the hell I am to firstly get onto teams, then engage with other people on it for TWO hours.
I am a women who, through no fault of my own, I have failled to communicate properly to make/ keep any friends.And no family due to not beening believed.
Not one person has ever been honest and told me why? I worked in retail and hospitality 15 - 45
Family genes and I child abuse have contributed largely.
The final nail in my coffin, came 2015 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After been asked to help with my father care.The person that I thought would protect me through everything.
It was not because of my father, but because I had no chose but to have to be with her my abuser again.
Fibromyalgia since then.
I understand the NHS are trying to help but who the DWP or me by recommending pain management.
In conclusion I have seen such a change from opioid's to yoga and mind over matter and mindfulness. And these treatments are now recommended for a wide range of illness.
I understand,but nothing has being recommended to replace the opioids.
There are times that I am crying out in so much pain.On the other hand my head has less fog and I think all of us try to put mind over matter on this site.But are we doing something that is mentally and physically wrong?
And also helps the DWP reduce cliams?
Jacqueline x
Hi Jacqueline. I fully sympathize with your situation. I don't know what you mean by "get onto teams" and so forth, so it's hard to respond appropriately to that. But I wonder if you can ask for an individual counselor instead of the internet thing....I presume Zoom??.....they are wanting you to do? You can maybe do that over the internet, meaning you don't need to leave home, but it would only be one hour or less and only with one person. Or, you could try to do the "team" thing but simply state that you won't be able to do two hours (2 hours!!? that's ridiculous.......I couldn't do that either!), and simply leave the meeting or whatever it is when you need to.

As fpr replacing opioids, nothing really does, by which I mean nothing is going to do exactly the same thing those pills do. But that doesn't mean you can't do anything. The whole thing is to try to do the things that you can do without medication, the things that might help, and hope like crazy that they will reduce the need for pain medication enough that other things, not addictive and restricted, will do the job when needed. That is what I have done and what I always recommend. It takes time and effort......effort one often doesn't feel one has in the first place.......but if you really get dogged about it and keep experimenting with the things that might help, you will find ways to manage the pain that don't make you dependent on drugs. And being dependent on the drugs puts you at the mercy of the doctors and the lawmakers who decide between one day and the next that you can't have them.

Your last question, Are we doing something that is mentally and physically wrong?....I don't understand the question. Maybe if you clarify what you mean we can respond.
Sorry Microsoft teams is like zoom but there's ten little screens with other peope learning and discussing issues coping with borderline personality disorder.
I realise I have the no fear, of people around me ,situation s raise when I have confronted people for upsetting some person i dont know ,but I defend them with my life.
It's hard but it like suddenly my father is inside me.
I have no fear all the time because since I was diagnosed and 6 years only started to process it and where and how it manifested
My father passed it to me and abuse by my sister made it explode. Label or diagnose it made me realise but not understand why I have never had a male come on to me.i pick my partner.but I worked with over 500 males and became close.But I feel that they I'd no danger with males .only females.
I am not a violate person, but because the more I learn the more angry that I have never had real friendships and to be shown interest in by men.
Other than that one who put with me because he didn't know anything different about me for 33 years.
I have been annoyed with both families because parents favour children who have grandchildren .
Not who prefer animals to people .
We live on an estate in a private bungalow at the end of a close.
Hedgehogs and birds are family.
Plus one or two West Highland Terriers.
And a Hedgehog or two rescued.

The year before my father/protector passed away 2015 I found out I had borderline personality disorder, one month after he passed away I was diagnosed with the menopause and fibromyalgia.
So opiods/ orrmorph were prescribed and until November 2022..
I couldn't function for 7 years.Now I can I feel everything that drugs and labels (not therapy were you find out too much)
I meant I really don't know what worst.No drugs or drugs.and mental health therapy / or too have a just a label unexplored??
Jacqueline x

Do the DWP think that you are fixed and ready to work ,after mental and physical therapy?
@jacqfedup39 , no one here can answer a question about what the DWP thinks or doesn't think.

As for your other post, I am afraid I cannot really make heads or tails of it or of what you are saying.
I'd like to help but do not have any idea what you are after or how to help. Sorry.
I'm with you on all of that.
I was so angry at my Dr's, well still am.
For two years I decided to jump the hoops they put infront of me.
Physiotherapy then pain clinic then mental health who had to clear me of any mental disorder before i was able to be sent to rheumatology took me 23 years for me to discover the fibromyalia.
I was even more angry two seconds with the rheumatologist when he said I had it. 23 years, mid you some of that time I refused to jump the hoops refused to take the tablets.
@Grumpy me , just so you know, the OP on this thread has not been back to the forum since October, so they may not see this reply from you.