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  1. R

    Fibro and autoimmune diseases

    I was wondering if anyone else was diagnosed with Fibro and also autoimmune diseases. I recently had surgery for a esophageal alacasia which is a very rare auto immune disease. And for most of my adult life (I'm 53) I have lived with degenerative bone, disc, and joint disease. Most of my life...
  2. R

    Hello everyone, I'm Rasz and new here

    Hi! I am Rasz and as I sit here tonight with a flare up, I realized I needed a place to go where others would understand and I can share my pain as well as victories. I have lived with Fibro since back in the day when it was a brand new "catch all" phrase for any aches and pains the doctors...
  3. G

    Do you have any of these clinical findings?

    Hi, I have not posted here much, mostly because of my frustration about having my Rheumatologist insist that all I truly have is Fibromyalgia with a few other unrelated autoimmune issues. It's frustrating for me not to have a diagnosis that my other doctors generally believe exists. I'm not a...
  4. S

    Fibromyalgia - a thief in the night

    Fibromyalgia has stolen my life. I have lost my ability to work, then my home and my car during bankruptcy and now my ability to live alone so I sleep in my sisters dining room. In addition to Fibro, I also have Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Extreme Hypothyroidism (thanks to the graves disease...
  5. WarriorPrincess12

    Newly Diagnosed

    Hi all: I am a newbie to the world of online support groups but unfortunately not unaccustomed to having pain and health issues since my early 20's. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune related disease in my mid twenties. Months ago I began experiencing chronic pain, and tenderness all over my...