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Dec 9, 2015
I was wondering if anyone else was diagnosed with Fibro and also autoimmune diseases. I recently had surgery for a esophageal alacasia which is a very rare auto immune disease. And for most of my adult life (I'm 53) I have lived with degenerative bone, disc, and joint disease. Most of my life has been in pain. Until the last 3 years I could keep the pain, fatigue, and flare-ups under somewhat control where I could work in enough spurts to raise my children as a single mom and get a college degree. Three years ago I could no longer work according to my doctor and my body. I am now trying to live on Social Security and try to keep moving everyday so my body doesn't freeze up. Tonight I felt the flare coming and really needed to just find a forum where others can understand what I am going through and I can understand them as well. It's taken this many years for me to admit I am no longer in control of the issues in my body and I have to admit I can no longer do everything like my kids are use to seeing.

This is the new chapter in my life. My kids are grown and I live alone for the first time in many many years. It's nice and I can rest when I need to and keep my spirit up by creating art. When I get really involved in an art project, the time flies by and keeps the pain at bay.

That's about it for me. I am looking forward to being here and hopefully make some new friends. Rasz
Hay welcome. Well Fibro is a autoimmune diseases as I'm sure u no. And I bet there quite a few ppl with others.
As far as I no I hadn't .but I have bi polar.anyway my children are grow up and I had a 3 year old at home .she keeps me on my feet lol.
Anyway welcome to the group
Hi Forgetmenot (love your name). Thank you for welcoming me and sharing. I do not know how you could keep up with a 3 year old full time. Hope you are having a good weekend, Rasz
I'm soooo forgetful it's the only name I could remember lol.
I love being s mum my older 3 are all grown up and it used to be stressful .but now it's just me and little one mostly I'm loving it, sure like all mums she drives me crazy.
But she keeps me going. Stops me from laying around on the bed .makes me laugh and gives me a reason to keep going.
Hi Forgetmenot. Glad the little one keeps you moving. I have a cute little minature poodle who keeps me busy. Although he knows when I am down with pain he will lay down next to me until I get up. Hope your week is starting off good. Rasz
Hi Rasz,
Welcome, I too am a new member and need some support even though I have had these illnesses for 11yrs, I am now suffering from a new Chronic Pain condition and its ruining every aspect of my life. I truly believe that Fibro and CFS are autoimmune diseases, as for me I have progressed and that to me shows they're autoimmune diseases and though they try to say its a Central Nervous System issue, I don't believe that because their Cymbalta and Lyrica don't end the pain. So I think they should have stuck with their first guess, autoimmune. It causes too many other problems to not be, IBS, Atypical headaches, Raynaud's syndrome, etc. I too have degenerative disc disease so I understand the complications with that. Again, welcome and I hope we can all be supports for each other.
My fibromyalgia was diagnosed just a few months ago although, looking back, I have had symptoms for a very long time, perhaps decades. I have had ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune condition, for five years. And I just had a routine blood test showing a deficiency in neutrophils. That means my immune system is very compromised for a yet-unknown reason. So my body seems to say fibro is another autoimmune disease.

I think there is a big connection between flare-ups of any autoimmune condition and emotions. My first big pain flare was just after I learned I had lost a second baby and would never bear another. I developed ulcerative colitis while recovering from shingles just after my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. And I became quite ill again when I had to place him in memory care.
I am so sorry about your loss of your baby. I too had a miscarriage before fibro started and had had surgery 6 months before that with Epstein Barr turning into CFS and then Fibro. Due to the timing of the fibro and the severity of it, we were never able to have children, which is quite a loss in itself, so I definitely can relate to that pain. So sorry about your husband, that is very hard to deal with. I hope you get the support you need here and outside of group. Though my dad doesn't have Alzheimer's, he is in a nursing home for other reasons and I know I saw they have Alzheimer's support groups in the facility. Have you looked to see if there is one in your area? Maybe it would really help getting out your emotions and such.
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