1. M

    Im not Contagious/Fibro awareness

    I ran into an old school friend, When I told her I had Fibromyalgia, she took steps back, away from me as if I was contagious. Fibromyalgia awareness, obviously not known in my area.
  2. D

    Phobias because of fibro

    Since i got fibro and struggled with all the new symptoms that seem to arrive year after year I have developed a fear of hospital superbugs and being around people who have severe contagious illnesses. It's kind of my mind just about coping /or sometimes not when i am very unwell already and...
  3. Cheryl Ann

    skin rash

    Hi All, Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all day. It was a lazy day of sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. My lil bro and his wife stayed with us over the weekend and I hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. It was a super fun weekend! Today, I got up and lazed around for a few hours before taking a...