1. Sagey

    Interesting article on mind body connection

    The first component of mind body science is a molecule found on the surface of all our cells in our brains and our bodies. They are so small that millions cover a single nerve cell. This first component is called a receptor, and it is attached to a cell’s outer membrane. It lies exposed to the...
  2. L

    I suddenly feel so old...hello, everyone, new 'club' member here.

    Hello, everyone!! Well, so here I am. After going through all the stages of "grief", I'm finally at the acceptance stage: I have fibro, and ignoring it for several years hasn't worked to dispel it. Long story short: our doctor diagnosed me several years ago, but I've always "carried on" like I...
  3. D

    My silly poem.

    Since my fibro got worse my hot water bottles are my best friends They don’t give me any grief unlike most humans in my life. They are snuggly and warm, never pull away or make derogatory comments. They need very little to top up their loving giving nature, And demand very little back from...
  4. S

    Depression medication

    I am beginning to wonder if I should get medication for depression. I have been pretty seriously depressed for at least two years.....really it is four, but I could call it "Grief" for the first two years, to be accurate. Every morning I wake up wishing I had not woken up. Only my dogs get me...
  5. W

    Avenues To Express Our Emotions

    So many of us deal with pain, disappointment, grief over the loss of our future expectations, the friendships and other loved ones we've lost as a result of this condition, our ability to make money, etc., and I wondered how others express it. Some in my family have drawing/painting talent, but...
  6. D


    Sorry changed my mind i divulged to much personal info
  7. G

    Raising a Child Who Has Primary Juvenile Fibro?

    I am sharing my own experience with raising a child who has Primary Juvenile Fibro. Is anyone else raising a Fibro Child? What have you learned? What's working for you? My child has Primary Juvenile Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. She beat a round with CRPS that still sort of tries to flare...
  8. T

    Fibromyalgia and Daily Functioning

    Hello, everyone. I was hesitant about joining a support group of any kind, because I felt like it would mainly consist of complaining (on my part), and I didn’t want to annoy people. I finally decided that I was merely being close-minded and that I needed to talk with people dealing with...
  9. D

    Kicking option B

    I came across a moving open letter on fb about grief and resilience by Sheryl Sandberg, COO at fb and activist for women. She tragically lost her husband a few months ago and wrote this letter after 30 days of grief, sheloshim. It was heartbreaking to read her story but also deeply empowering in...
  10. D

    Nervous breakdown

    Has anyone ever had a complete breakdown as a result of the pain/grief and lack of achieving impacting on your wellbeing to such a huge degree......i am affected head to toe...girly bits stomach included and all affected 24/7 not the way i had it up until a while ago..... bad days but some...