new year

  1. L

    Weight gain

    Omg I can't believe how quickly I'm piling on weight just now! I had a bad flare over Christmas and New Year with flu on top of that and was off my work with sciatica. I managed to put on 2 stone in 2 weeks & that was me eating sensibly most of the time. My weight is still going up, I've put on...
  2. Forgetmenot


    I've started driving lessons and after I feel so wiped out.i drive well,I'm on my dad's insurance,he has essential tremor,so I really need to pass my told my teacher but he seems more interested in talking about other stuff. That brings me to another problem.this man who teaches me is...
  3. Forgetmenot

    Happy new year

    I wish with all my heart you all have a better year with less pain,heartache and loneliness. Sending hugs to all.
  4. T


    At the risk of sounding sorry for myself I find that I am just not in the mood for tomorrow. I envy my friends and family that are out and about and enjoying today and tomorrow with loved ones. My husband and I are alone today (by choice) but we are going to my daughters tomorrow to celebrate...
  5. M

    Natural Remedies

    Hi! I have been doing all natural with fiber- supplements, and major diet changes.. no gluten, little grains, no sugar, caffeine etc... It took a year, but finally was feeling amazing. My mind was clear, I had lots of energy, walking 20-30 miles a week, but then the holidays hit.... I hit a wall...
  6. B

    Hand dexterity ?

    Happy new year everyone ! I was wondering if anyone has issues with hand dexterity? I drop things all the time, texting and typing is impossible some days? It seems like my dexterity has gotten so bad in a short time but it also seems like it comes and goes. Any suggestions on how to help that...
  7. S

    At a bit of a low ebb

    Hi there, and Happy New Year :/ This is my first time reaching out in a forum . . . And now that I've made the first couple of steps, I'm not really all that sure what to say. I'm struggling, I suppose. I hide everything about fm if I possibly can and go it 'solo'. I do have a very supportive...
  8. M

    New here, old buddies with Fibro

    Hey, decided to join a support group with the new year. I was spending too much time on the floor crying. Quick history of my life: I'm 20, was away at school but had to come home this November with an awful flare up. Haven't found a helpful dr, hate being stuck back at home, lost many friends...
  9. N

    new start

    I'm new here..just feeling frustrated with how I feel. It hasn't been a great holiday season..I went through the motions but didn't feel anything...except pain and immense fatigue..and guilt for being pissy some days and anger for no one really 'getting'what I'm going through. I'm tough and...
  10. Lana

    Christmas blues

    Hi everyone, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I know it takes a toll on us. It is hard not to get depressed because you can't do the things you did before. I get the blues because I loved to bake cookies and decorate for Christmas. Try to do your best and don't push yourselves. if things...