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    Daily Pain Progression

    Does any of you feel pretty good once you get moving in the morning, then by mid afternoon to evening the pain just progresses? You fool yourself thinking that maybe it's not so bad then by evening it comes back with a vengeance. That's been my experience lately.
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    Denial and frustrated over new fibromyalgia diagnosis

    Hi , I'm 34 ,young and active Nephrologist , developed wide spread body pains on a pain scale 3/10,pain is floating type ,dull achy it's been 7 days of pain and my Rheumatology colleagues diagnosed me with fibromyalgia ,I have one year baby girl and now scared for my future,my practice as...
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    So much in common

    I have read so many threads and can relate to so much. It is apparent that we all have so much in common yet our experiences can be so personal. It is great to have such a forum, if not to seek out help but to know that we are not alone in our daily struggles. I wish everyone could have a...
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    What worked for me

    Full disclosure. I have no financial ties to any products mentioned here, and no association other than being a member, with any websites that I may mention. If I mention them, it is only because I, as a mother of a child diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, CRPS and CFS/ME, have found them to be...
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    Fibromyalgia symptoms

    To clear up a few things the psych said that seem to have you concerned: "can take time to diagnose" -- let me explain briefly why. First, the EMG shows abnormalities. The "time" is to be sure that those abnormalities aren't something ELSE. (Remember, many things affect nerves and muscles)...
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    Diagnosed in Jan

    I have never posted on any forums before but have been reading this one for a month or so and have learned a lot I was just diagnosed Jan, after a year of testing and watching the progression of symptoms. Looking back symptoms may have started in 1995, when diagnosed with "tendenitis in a...
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    Been A While

    :) Well haven't been on here since about June of last year! PLS still my diagnosis but progression hasn't affected me from the waist up. Go often to my neurologist about every 2 months. We've been trying all kinds of meds since Baclofen hits me like a ton of bricks. Takes me off my feet. Have...
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    I really need some help! My GP is useless (I am in the process of getting a second opinion). Sorry if this whole list reads like a novel but I need some objective answers from the real people that know and can point me in the direction I need to go, whether that be a neurologist (dr wont refer...
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    Husband has extreme fatigue

    Hi everyone. I am new to the Forum and am wondering about whether extreme fatigue is normal in PALS. My husband was Dx in 9/08 (Bulbar Onset), and he has been on Rilutek ever since. His decline has been slow and steady...with increasing fatigue, muscle soreness, etc. However, beginning only a...
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    guillan barres syndrome or fibro?

    Hello t2009, Your onset and progression is way too fast to be a neurological disorder. When reading your post i did think it sounded like possibly guillan barres syndrome with its sudden onset. then i read you tested positive for west niles virus,it may have been some time ago but these things...