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    Fibro knee pain

    Hi. New member. Can anyone speak specifically to knee pain. I have an arthritic right knee, but for the past month I have had new pain very specific to the inner aspects of my knees. The right is very bad. Have been on cymbalta for many years. Tylenol arthritic strength and motrin offer...
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    A Physician Who Gets It.

    I posted earlier a link to this article. I didn't realize that registration was needed to view the article. Here is the article. "Vancouver – “We have less power, pharmacologically, than we thought. The vast majority of people are getting adverse effects in return for nothing,” said Dr. Tom...
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    Help for Fybromyalgia Flare Ups

    Hi, I'm Sonique50 and I Have Fybromyalgia. Is There Anything Anyone in the Forum Can Suggest to Do if You've Used Epsom Salts, the So Called Miracle Cure All, And Have Found That Though it Claims to Help Fybromyalgia it Actually Made Mine So Much Worse? And Has Anyone had a Similar Experience &...
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    Amitriptyline - does it help?

    Hello all, I'm 20 and have very recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, although have suffered from it for around a year now. Alongside this, I have two shoulder conditions separate to the Fibro troubles, which I have been treated for for around 5 years now. After failed methods of treating...
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    Finding life so hard

    Not long ago my partner said so many unkind things and dumped me blaming fibro and how its affected me as mine has been really severe for a long time now and so clearly affects his life too....but rejection and brutal words on top of being so poorly has had devastating consequences mentally and...
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    Plexus products with fibromyalgia and chronic pain

    I have seen lots of closed threads discussing Plexus products with fibromyalgia, so I figured I'd start an open one and share my story. I have dealt with chronic pain for over 10 years, and quickly reached the point where an sort of "pain killer" truly did nothing. As a single mum and teacher...
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    Sick of the pain

    Hi all, I have been upset from the forum for awhile but managed to peek in every now and then. I have been having the worst pain in my butt cheeks and down my legs. The right is worse than the left. I went to my PCP and he recommended an MRI which my insurance company would not pay for unless...
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    Has anyone tried going to a chiropractor? Any pain relief?
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    Flare ups!?! Help. Fairly new diagnosis

    I have been "sick" my entire life. As my husband says "it's always something with you." After seeing doctor upon doctor I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Great, finally a diagnosis, however, no relief. I have tried cymbalta and lyrica, both having very little if any effect on the pain...
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    Should I care?

    I'm mostly only making this post because someone I care about told me I should look for more answers. I've only had fibromyalgia for about 4 years, and the first year or so I could still kind of function but it's slowly become worse and worse. For a long time I tirelessly pursued relief and...