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    Disability decision from hearing- how could they do this with my medical evidence

    Hi- I have fibromyalgia (rheum dx 2011 and multiple Dr.'s), DDD in neck and low back, bilateral carpal tunnel, arthritis in hips, knees, hypothyroid, anxiety disorder. there are so many things with FM im not going to list them all. I filed for SSDI in 2014 and got a hearing in May 2017. Six...
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    Dr say brain fog is just depression

    The Dr. I've been seeing for the last year keeps insisting that my brain fog is just depression. She also says there is no reason for me not to be working. A little background I am a 46 yo female who has worked physical jobs most my life. I was working in construction when I was first told...
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    More disappointing news

    So I had my hearing on November 10th before the judge. My attorney said it would take about a month to get an answer, two, if the court wanted me to see another psychologist which they did so I was hoping I would have an answer any day now so I called Social Security and the woman on the phone...
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    Good or bad sign

    I received a letter from SS wanting me to go see a psychiatrist one last time before a determination is made. Should I take this as a good sign or a bad sign?
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    Tomorrow's the day

    Hi all, As most of you know my hearing before the ALJ is in the morning. I am super excited because I am so ready to get it behind me. The only thing that is troubling me is what I had mentioned in another post about my attorney. He never called my witness, he was supposed to call me every...
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    Another question

    Does anyone know if you get turned down for social security disability by the ALJ can you file again and have any chance of winning? It would seem to me once the judge rules that would be the end of it but I have had people tell me to file again and see if you can win.
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    Disability Question

    Can anyone tell me the difference between a dismissal and a denial when going before a ALJ?
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    I have been struggling with fibromyalgia for over two years now. I also have another autoimmune called sjogrens. There are days where I am unable to take even a few steps, and then others where I can walk around 40 yards. The fog, and the pain are unbearable. My question is, does anyone out...
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    Feeling in the depths of despair

    Hi all, I know it's not over until it's over but I got some news yesterday that has really depressed me. I got a letter from the ALJ who will be hearing my case explaining what the procedure will be when I go for my hearing. I looked him up to see what his approval rate was and he has the...
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    Where did I even start for ssdi? The last time I applied , I did so under ssi, they said I hadn't worked enough in the last 2 yrs. So I'm going to try again his time under ssdi.