1. B

    Husband Day to Day

    New to the forum and wanted to reach out to those of you that could offer some guidance on care giving role I play. My wife of 35 years has battled Fibro for 7 years now. Background: I still work full time and have to travel out of town occasionally. She manages pain with Butrans patch and...
  2. N

    Has anyone had breast reduction/lift with Fibro?

    Hi all, You don't know me. I'm new to the forum. I can't type very long on the computer because of my severe Fibro condition. So, I've mostly been just lurking around. But now I have a question... First, let me say that I have large (36D or DD) breasts and have not been able to wear a bra for...
  3. Y

    Diagnosed in August

    I guess August isn't super recent. I also had a rough experience like most of us here. At 22, no one believes me that I have fibromyalgia. Even the doctor I saw gave air quotes around this condition. I had symptoms since August of 2017 after a severe upper respiratory infection. I never...
  4. C

    Did anyone start with these symptoms?

    I have had 4 "episodes" since June of 2018. I woke up one morning and hurt all over like I had the flu. The bones in my feet felt like they were crunching together. Every joint hurt. My hands/fingers/wrists were stiff and painful. I wanted to sleep all day long. I had a painful spot to...
  5. L

    CBD oil

    Has anyone tried CBD oil yet? I started it on Friday as I’ve heard so many successful stories from others I wanted to try it for myself. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’m feeling very positive about starting it :-D
  6. K

    Hi just wanted to say hello :)

    Hi everyone. thought id introduce myself and say abit about my fibro journey. I'm nearly 34 and in the UK. I first got fibro when I was 11 . so iv had it a very long time. I have two beautiful girls who are amazing. I run my own business from my home salon offering hair and nails and I can work...
  7. M

    Saying Hi

    Hi everyone Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm recently diagnosed (though suffered at least 3 yrs previously )43yr old Fibro mum who also has depression and anxiety and possible spondyloarthritis . Im a carer also for both my daughters with different diagnosis and my husband has aspergers...
  8. V

    I was told I have fibro, but what's happening now has me at a loss

    Hello, all. First and foremost, I would like to say I am struggling to type this due to the amount of pain I am in at the moment. I guess I should start at the beginning. I am a 22 year old female and I was diagnosed when I was 19. However, I had symptoms a couple years prior to that. I had...
  9. M

    Feeling Hopelessly Adrift

    Hi all. I'm a 21 year old single mother, and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia almost 6 years ago. At first things were okay still. I could function through the pain and still live a normal life. However, in the past 6 months or so, everything has started spiraling out of control. The flare ups...
  10. cosmicbiscuit

    Road to proper diagnosis: I suspect it's fibromyalgia

    Hello to all forum members. I'm glad this community exists to help people that have been diagnosed and also the ones like me seeking for a proper diagnosis. Thanks for spending time trying to help others and sharing tips or just listening. I'll try to keep my case simple. I've had chronic...