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Nov 6, 2018
I guess August isn't super recent.
I also had a rough experience like most of us here. At 22, no one believes me that I have fibromyalgia. Even the doctor I saw gave air quotes around this condition.

I had symptoms since August of 2017 after a severe upper respiratory infection. I never really got over the fatigue or the pain in my body. At the same time, I was being diagnosed with a fainting disorder and tachycardia.
By November 2017, I was feeling so tired and so sore. I was in an out of the ER with fainting that was unexplained and I lost my driving for 6 months. I was stabbed with needles, poked and prodded. Finally, in April, they told me I was fine. I started to tell them about the nearly 100 symptoms I felt during my day to day life. They wanted to only focus on pieces of it one at a time. They put me on Zoloft which made me sick. I ended up in the mental facility under suicide watch because the side effects were hitting me so hard.

Next, they made me stay on the Zoloft and start a migraine medication as needed. That did nothing for me except knock me out.

Finally, after 3 appointments, I get an answer. "Fibromyalgia". Air quotes and all. "It's just this thing we put to nerve pain."
As if my deep pain is mere "Nerve Pain". She okayed me to stop Zoloft and started me on a 5mg muscle relaxer twice a day. I can only take it once a day, at night because it makes me tired and it barely helps. But I have been on it since August and I notice a small, painful difference if I forget to take it.

I am more lactose intolerant than I was before. My Asian heritage brought me up as lactose intolerant. It is worse now. But I love cheese. Poor fiance. Haha :D

I hope that I will figure this Fibro thing out soon enough. It seems like it is getting worse.
Sounds like you should try to see another doctor for a second opinion, I wouldn't feel great about getting treated by someone who uses air quotes and thinks fibro is a wastebasket diagnosis and just threw you in there because they don't want to look into it any further. I went to a doctor for years like this and was recently forced to see another doctor and he has taken a new interest and has shown me more compassion about it. It's given me hope that there may be something that will help even if it's just a bit.
Luckily, my actual doctor is kinder and more compassionate and he confirmed the diagnosis shortly after.
I have been debating filing a complaint but now it is so far past that day that it seems to not make sense to me.
While we know a lot about attention-deficit disorders like ADHD, there are still a lot of unknowns.
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