Anyone else get this with Gabapentin?

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Apr 14, 2013
New Brunswick
I was allergic to Elavil and another medication so the doctor gave me Gabapentin. I am curious to know if the head pain I feel while taking it is because of the medication, or is it a reaction I'm getting because of the chronic silent migraines...

My head hurts pretty much every day, not a headache pain but a pain pain... ?
Hi there and welcome to the forum. I take Gabapentin, and it does not usually cause head pain. This medication which is used for pain for fibro, is also used as a seizure medication. So it generally quiets now the firing of the cells in our brains, thus for someone with a seizure disorder it prevents miss-firing of cells and stops seizure activity.
Now I know that you were given the medication for another reason, but since I take a high dosage of this med, I would say the pain has to do with your migraine problem. I remember times I had those strange pains in my head and they can be very painful even to touch the area. I used to lay cold cloths on my head to relieve the pain. For some a heating pad works. For headaches I use Excedrin migraine. In fact I use it for almost all pain from headaches to muscle aches, as I am allergic to everything else. What makes Gabapentin, so great is it works along with your other medications. I mean you know some medications cause adverse reactions when used with other meds. Gabapenin works along with mostly any other med.
If you just started using it you might have more energy or it might make you tired until you get used to it. Usually takes about two weeks if you are suppose to take it every day. I hope this helps you. any other questions please ask and we will try to give you advice.
Read the areas of the forum on chonic pain and maybe you will find some coping skills. :)
Hi, I had halucinations with gabapentin, I never had any migraine problems with it, but maybe I should have gave it more time or had it adjusted. It's suppose to be good for fibro! My specialist wants me on cymbalta, so maybe I will try that. Anyone had any good experiences with that?
I've been taking it for about a month and a half now, dosage is at 500mg three times a day. It was given to me for the fibro, the only other medication I take is synthroid.

My neurologist has told me not to take any over the counter medications for my silent migraines unless I can really tell I'm having a bad ... for lack of a better word - episode. They are pretty much constant, have been for about two and a half years now. He advised that if I take excedrin or tylenol or anything on a regular basis they will just become worse.

Might sound funny annamarie, but my family is 'a wee bit psychic' lol - I've always seen little things here and there throughout my life, but I have to say I'm getting pretty jumpy lately due to the daily multi occurring things I see. :p Pretty sure It's me hallucinating.

Because I was allergic to the first two meds I was giving Gabapentin a shot, even with the head pain. I told my regular doctor and he suggested I cease taking it - I'm going to see him again next week and confirm with him that choice. My head just hurts too much. I still feel a fair amount of joint pain also, nerve ending pain did diminish a bit though.

... I wish it was just the fibro I had and not these stupid @#$!'n migraines as well. I'd probably be fine. The only plus side I get from them is I don't feel them - just get off balance and sound like I've tied one on.
Unfortunately, migraines and fibro DO tend to go together.
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