Can I cause actual muscle damage?

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Feb 24, 2013

For the past several days, the fibro has chosen my calves as its' primary plan of attack. They ache terribly, they feel weak and trembly, and are extremely sensitive to the touch. Is it okay to just 'ignore' the pain and work them out at the gym, wear heels, etc., anyway? Or can I actually cause damage? I mean, from what I understand, it's all 'ghost' pain, right?
I believe you're right, I don't think there is a physical change in the muscles but an overactivity of the nerves, so I would reason that continuing regular activity would be fine, possibly helpful.
You might not do phyical damage, however, you could cause an increase of the pain and soreness. When we get to a point that it really hurts, that is the time to take a break. Pushing yourself and thinking the pain is not really there is not the answer. If you take a few days time to rest the pain and soreness should disappear. But if you push yourself and over do, you might regret it. It might not be fibro, it could be something else as I have mentioned below. Hope you feel better. :)

Try soaking in a bath tub with warm water and epson salts. You can buy it at any drug store. The salt helps relax your muscles and makes your skin feel good too. Apply ice to help with soreness and swelling. Rest with your legs.

You may even have a condition called "shin splints," another name for this condition is "tibial stress syndrome." If this is what is wrong with your lower legs, by continuing to exercise you could do damage to your muscles and perhapes your bones, with stress fractures.

Here is a link that tells all about this condition and what to do to heal your legs.
Shin splints - NHS Choices
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