Cold Front Killer

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30 plus years

Sep 15, 2023
Wow. A major cold front system is moving up the whole northeast coast. The weather here will go from being in the 50's to 30's and change from rain to snow. Felt like I was dying, so many places hurt. Didn't even know what to do and had no energy to do it. Curled up in a ball on the couch.
This fell into the category of REALLY CRAZY.
What I'd like to throw out there, however, is I've been using medical marijuana and been on the fence as to whether it's really helping. Ok, so it doesn't take away the pain. May dull it a notch though! (or your perception of)
I recently read a post where someone said it just makes you not care about anything. Everyone's different and there's so much variety/combinations/dosage, etc. that makes it tricky to find what works.They finally began to make these Pez-like "troches," 5 milligram. They taste good. Let's just say I went from feeling suicidal to happily listening to Stevie Wonder right now. I'd say that's a win. The storm's going to last all night. So yeah, while the pain's still there, I don't really care!
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Yes, marijuana affects everyone in a different way, plus one must remember that these days there are literally thousands of different strains and combinations of strains that one can get, as well as dozens of different methods of delivery, and all of them will have different effects.

So there's no way that it could ever be accurate to say that marijuana makes people this or that. I know from my own experience that it depends entirely on the strain I am using as well as the circumstances and amount that I take in. One strain will affect me one way, and another will be completely different. As with so many other things, experimentation is really necessary before one will know how, when, or whether to use it.

It definitely eases some kinds of pain for me, and other kinds it has less effect on. And it does change my perception of things, improves or mellows my mood when needed, and that is worth a lot to me.
pain is pain and if you find something that helps you get through it go for it. [disclaimer some pain medicen can be addictive, use with caution]
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