Damn this Pain!

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Apr 9, 2013
:evil: I am just so mad that I have NO ENERGY!and I hurt like hell!
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Hi there, welcome to the forum. I see by your post the pain is really bad. Have hope that we might have some answers for you in dealing with that pain. Be sure to check out the questions in the pain sections. We have all added some tips to help you deal with getting your muscles to relax, as well as, better sleeping and medications folks are using.

I hope you keep coming and join in on the posting and questions and answers. We have a few fun sections to add your thoughts on your day as well as, hobbies. I am looking forward to seeing your name around the forum. :)
wshl, you go ahead and vent and be mad. Sometimes venting and letting it all out really does help. And you are in a place where we all understand your frustration. Is the pain keeping you up at night? I know the cold weather make the pain worse for me. Is it all over right now or in a specific spot for you?

I do hope you feel relief very soon. And keep on venting and sharing your feelings.
If venting doesn't help, try to focus on things that make you happy. Look at old photographs, watch your favorite movies and indulge in your hobbies, I know that it is easier said than done but sometimes these things do help us to forget our pain. You can also try maintaining a journal just to keep your mind away from the pain.
In addition to what everybody else is saying wshl, try doing slow-moving exercises, like stretching or yoga. This may increase the pain however. My mom had Fibromyalgia, not me, but I have broken bones, been shot, and have had cracked ribs before, and I got through the pain by not focusing on it. Play a video game, watch your favorite show, do something that makes you happy and consumes your thoughts and its easier to deal with the pain. The more pain you put out of your mind the less pain you feel. This is going to make me sound like a drill instructor, but pain is mostly in your head, you just have to put effort into not thinking about it

Feel better!
Sorry to hear you are in so much pain! :( I hope you find something to take your mind off of it!
Thank You so Much! I found that marijuana helps Greatly
It is exhausting taking my mind of the pain. I have found Marijuana Helps a lot.
I have damage to my SCIATIC Nerve on the left side. The pain just gets worse. I find marijuana helps take my mind off of the pain. I also stay as busy as i can. i LOST 25lbs thinking that would do it. It didn''t, but I am healthier
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