I don't think mine's ever left me...!😁
Mine never did either! (I try VERY hard to act mature sometimes, but it doesn't last 🙃) it's like that song 🎼 I am what I am 🎼 (best sung loud with jazz-hands 😆)
On @Auriel where's the fun in being sensible and mature all the time? Least we know we can still cause a few raised eyebrows.😂

I love that children are born with a sense of innocence in that they truly believe anything is possible - until Life and Adults squeeze some of that belief out of them. Yes I can be mature ( honest ) but although I lack the jazz hands ( am laughing now) I am so happy to sing loudly and badly in private and inappropriately in public.... 😻
I confess I have to struggle sometimes to keep my Inner Child inside & am finding the older I get, the more I seem to struggle with that,
or maybe I'm just approaching my dotage lol.