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Dec 11, 2023
I have been dealing with pains for years especially in my legs at night terribly. The pains just have gotten worse and worse over time. With the dizziness. I went to a doctor 4 years ago for my legs issues and he said its because i have hip dysplasia which i in fact do not. Never went back since. Should i go to a doctor or are they going to dismiss how i feel?
Should i go to a doctor or are they going to dismiss how i feel?
Go!! 👐 🙏 Switch docs till you find one that fits and helps. To reduce switching, try to research possibly good ones beforehand (online, people you know). Get yourself revved up to advocate for yourself and help you take any possible dismissal in your stride, or get someone to support you doing that....
At the same time, try to find out yourself by describing and tracking the symptoms and possible triggers, and use what youtube physios suggest to identify possible treatments (if it helps) and possible triggers (if it hurts) until you have a toolbox.
And parallel try out various gentle manual therapists of all kinds, cos they can help without diagnosis, and a diagnosis will often not get you the help you need.

My ideas:
Leg pain may well be from the back and/or neuropathic. Is that possible?

If it's at night rather than from walking, it should pay to try out different mattresses, adjust your sleeping positions with pillows, get up at night,
try to find hurting spots incl. trigger points that radiate on your legs and back and find stretches, use a massager etc. on them...

The dizziness may be connected or independent, you could try to find that out. Docs can't help much with these sort of observations. (I was in hospital for vertigo for a week in August, and they couldn't help, suggested blood pressure, just cos it was high. By analyzing I found out it will have been a combination of a very painful bladder exam, a mid-term neck pain, sitting twist-stretched too long to one side. They recommended blood pressure meds, but I've now found even 3mg of it is sending my blood pressure too low, as my cardiologist says.)
Definitely find a good doctor, one who is well familiar with fibromyalgia would be a good idea, and go to that person. Make sure, however, that you get tested for everything that could be causing these pains, because you may or may not have fibromyalgia, and if you have something else and don't get tested for it you may find yourself in worse trouble later because something treatable was not found and treated.

there's quite a list of things that could cause the pain you describe. If the pain is located exclusively in your legs, it is a lot more likely to be caused by nerve compression or damage, spinal misalignment, or several other possibilities than by fibromyalgia, because fibro manifests all over the body in the vast majority of people who have it. Get yourself thoroughly tested and find out what the problem is.
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