Fibro, and chest pain...New :)

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Apr 2, 2013
Wondering if any of you get chest pain, and also feel like they can't catch their breath?
Heidi, I sometimes gets chest pains too. It almost feels like you have swallowed wind and it is stuck somewhere. When this happens it is quite painful to breathe and you feel short of breath.

All that works for me is to go caveman and burp away until it all feels better.

It could be a side effect of your medication.
it also pays to go to to the doctors and get checked out whenever you have chest pains, especially if accompanied by shortness of breath even if only to rule out any kind of heart problems.
Sometimes chest pain can be serious if your having problems with breathing, such as a broken or cracked rib or a collasped lung. Other times it is a condition that causes inflamation in the muscles and bones in your chest and just breathing hurts, that a heating pad can help cure. Either way you should have your doctor check you out to be sure of what is wrong.

By the way welcome to the forum. Be sure to read other posts about folks dealing with pain and get ideas on how to relax, as well as, ease any painful conditions. Hope you feel better soon. :)
Thanks for the replies! I have seen a pulmonary doctor, and have had tests done on my breathing. I have had a echo on my heart, and that was fine I was told. I now need to do a stress test. I am then going to a specialist that deals with fibromyalgia. He is a reumotologist (sp?) I just don't understand how I can have crushing chest pain, feel short of breath, and so very weak at the same time from fibromyalgia. It makes no sense. I have been going through this for months. I do have anxiety, but this is far from that. It is scarey!
I have been diagnosed with fibro for 3 years now. I was only looked at for maybe 10 minutes, and told that is what I have. I just hate all of it!

Thank you for welcoming me :)
There is another condition that goes along with fibro called, Costochondritis, which is inflamation of the cartilage and bones in the chest wall. It is also called tietze's syndrome. It is worse at the junction of the rib bones and the breastbone or sternum. You can do a web search on both to get more information about it. I found using a heating pad worked the best for me, but some people use ice pads.

Unless your doctor finds something more serious wrong with you. It is possible you might have the above condition. I have had it many times and it is very painful. I hope this helps. :)
Costochondritis - I thought that was what was happening to my wallet :p
Thank you for the info :) I will look it up. It is horrible! I have had all the testing on my lungs, but feel like I can not breathe, and my chest hurts sooo bad. I sometimes think that my body hates me. I am seeing a doctor next month that just came here in September that deals with fibro/cfs..ect, and I can't wait. I don't take any meds except Tylenol and Ibprofen for the pain, Narcotics do not agree with me. I have been diagnosed with fibro for years.
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