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Jun 7, 2013
I am a 65y/o guy who was just told by my new Rehumatologist that I "definitively" have Fibromyalgia. This was not a diagnosis I was expecting since I already have occasional symptoms related to HLH-B27 Reactive Arthritis and ongoing significant Osteoarthritis... Lucky me. I'm still not sure why my Rehumitoid Factor is 250, but why not throw it on the pile. That being said, I think I generally do OK most of the time. It helps to have a loving supportive wife.
I guess I hadn't picked up on the Fibromyalgia because I feel that I have spent most of my life having periods of feeling really crummy with many of what I now know are the general symptoms of Fibromyalgia; I know no other way of being.
I'm a retired Occupational Therapist (a great 30 years) and I am now a 100% service connected disabled Veteran. I have treated many patients with Fibromyalgia as an OT, but I will say that none were male. For that matter, very few OTs are male and I've always liked thoes odds. Being a retired OT you might think that I could have picked up on what was going on. Didn't happen. I am greatful that after spending decades of presenting my symptoms and complaints to a whole host of doctors that I finally found one that spent close to two hours with me (and my blood work) and finally gave me a diagnosis I can hang my hat on. I don't really wear hats, but I suspect that you know what I mean. Thanks for this wonderful forum.
ps, I currently am feeling fuzzy headed so please forgive me if there are "flubs" in my post.
First off welcome to the forum. I am sure the other guys on this site will look forward to talking with you. Isn't it amazing how your former job helped you help others, and now your the one needing that extra dose of support and a way of finding extra ideas for managing fibro. Often times I think some people are under the impression that those in the medical fields have it easier in dealing with illness and or other doctors, but sadly to say when it comes to fibro we are all in the same boat. My family doctor in florida, his wife had fibro and when he took her to other doctor's in search of answers they were treated badly. It would be nice to know if doctors take a special class in how to be rude, like they must take a special class to learn how to scribble their names. lol

These comments are not directed at you kind sir, it is just a passing thought. If you take time to read though the different topics you will find lots of ideas on managing pain and other symptoms like getting a good nights sleep. Everyone here is very supportive of each other and I think you will enjoy trading answers and asking questions with other members.

There are hobby topic's and general getting to know you and sharing spots. I look forward to seeing your posts around the forum and answering any questions you may have. I hope you have a better day tomarrow. :)
Not open for further replies.