1. Forgetmenot

    Fibromyalgia bunny

    I got a fibromyalgia bunny for mother's day. Even has tender points lol
  2. F

    Conditioning - Happiness

    Hi. I just attended a conference on Fibromyalgia and one of the things scientists/doctors discussed is meditation and brain power. I'd like to propose for everyone to come here every day and post three positive things that happened to them today. I'll start: 1. Attending FM conference made me...
  3. Drtohelpfibro

    Fibromyalgia book title feedback

    I am a physician with a soon to be published book on fibromyalgia and want input and feedback on the title. The book is meant for those with fibromyalgia and their loved ones. The following is the first couple paragraphs to get a feel for it. When I started medical school in 1992, I was...
  4. L

    What can I do to help myself?

    Hey All! So my symptoms are pain, ibs, anxiety, tiredness, clumsiness, stiffness, bad sleep I wake up more tired... All since I was 14 and I am now 29 just newly diagnosed after researching and asking to be referred. I've been told over the phone I have fibromyalgia, but as appointments have...
  5. P

    Sever pain in arms due to Fibromyalgia

    Hello Doctors and Friends, My mom has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for years now with no relief from pain. Most Doctors treat her for tenderness or nerve pain but few are very clear that it’s fibromyalgia with no treatment. Her pain is unbearable at times for months with no medical help or...
  6. N

    Fibro symptoms?

    I haven't had a single diagnosis for my pain. I'd say it started late 2017 with mild discomfort around my right upper abdomen/rib cage. It eventually developed in sharp, quick pains that seemed to always change location, mostly it stayed on my right side, but on different days it could be on...
  7. N

    who is the best doctor in Dallas about Fibromyalgia

    I have three doctors recommendation Dr. Scott Zashin Dr. Zoran Kurepa Dr. Iftikhar Chowdhry Several good reviews about Dr. Scott Zashin but he do not accept insurance Please, my pain and disorder sleep is increase Thank you
  8. B

    FM/a blood test for Fibromyalgia

    Has anyone had the FM/a blood test for Fibromyalgia? I heard the blood test is 99% sensitive (accurate) and can finally give a definitive diagnosis to those suffering. I am considering having this done and was wondering on others experiences. I have Sjogren's (autoimmune) disease and was told...
  9. A

    Could it be fibromyalgia????

    Hello i am a 26 year old male , one morning i woke up and both arms and legs felt weak, i will back the story up, before that day i worked out 4 times a week, and i work a office job but had a seasonal job 2 weeks* before i the weakness started that i had to stand and run and jump a lot as a...
  10. A


    Fibromyalgia-diagnosed Hello everyone, My name is Athina and i am from Greece. I am 28 years old and recently before a month and a half i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,afer 5 years of endless running to the doctors for pain in the hands, in my back, in my legs and making all kind of exams...