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Jul 18, 2013
Hello everyone,

I joined these boards to learn more about Fibro and how it effects people. I have 2 cousins and 2 close friends with it and thought maybe I could find ways to be supportive and helpful. :)

I look forward to doing a lot of reading and learning.

First off welcome to the forum. I am sorry to take so long in welcoming you in, but alas, lots of folks are joining everyday and my fingers get tired typing. I hope that you have jumped right in and started posting and answering questions. Also reading the different topic's will give you some good tips to share with your relatives. Maybe you could get them to join in as well.

There are serious topic's and light-hearted ones at the bottom part of main forum page. Stop in to "Have a good day" and tell us something about your day. Something fun you did or saw. Also there is a few hobby post threads and misc topic's to choose from.

I hope to see your name and posts around the forum. Glad you found us. :)
Nice to meet you and welcome! I'm elated to see a wonderful FM/CF supporter here. As you may have noticed, or will eventually, is that well educated supporters seem to be hard to come by. I think it is amazing that you are wanting to learn more in order to help your friends and family cope with their challenges!

Feel free to wander around the forum and enjoy talking to others about their experiences as well as learning more information from other FM/CF sufferers (food for the brain!). I think trying to see if you can get your friends and family to join would be interesting! Think about the information you all could share here together, as well as to others who use the Forum for support! Advocating for those with invisible disabilities is a challenge, but in the end it is the only way to get the world to understand.
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