Is my chronic pain Fibromyalgia?

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Dec 8, 2021
Hello! I’m a 23F and I’ve been suffering with chronic pain mainly in my joints. A year ago, I started experiencing a dull pain in my ankles. Later on, I began feeling a burning pain in my knees and it would often swell -and become red. Around July/August, my pain became excruciating due to the hot weather. I began having an intense burning pain in my knees, ankles, elbows, fingers and lately, I’ve been having shoulder pains. I’ve seen a few doctors including a rheumatologist who initially said that I may have inflammatory arthritis. Two blood tests (ESR and CRP) showed moderate levels of inflammation. However, my rheumatologist said that I may be experiencing fibromyalgia due to my mother having fibromyalgia. However, the only symptoms I am experiencing are extreme joint pain with a burning sensation, flu-like symptoms and fatigue. My mother has fibromyalgia but she always says that her pain feels widespread whereas my pain feels like an intense burning that is radiating from each of my joints. I also feel like she suffers with a lot more symptoms relating to fibromyalgia than I am. Has anyone with fibromyalgia experienced pain that is solely in the joints? If not, what does widespread pain mean to those suffering from fibromyalgia? Also, does inflammation occur with fibromyalgia? Thank you in advance for responding!
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people with fibromyalgia suffer from such a wide range of symptoms that what you experience may be FM. Or, it may not be. If you have been tested for all the things it could be and there's no other diagnosis, then the doctors say it is FM.

Widespread means in may parts of the body, sometimes all at once, sometimes moving around from one to another. Inflammation can be part of this. Flu-like symptoms and fatigue are also common. I hope this forum will be helpful to you. You are welcome here and we are here to help, answer questions as best we can, and be supportive.

here is my post of advice for managing Fibro. Maybe something there will help you as well.
Hello. I posted twice by mistake, I’m not sure how that happened :/. However, thank you very much for the advice and the explanation. I’ll be sure to check out your post!
My nephew at only about 28 was diagnosed with a reactive arthritis and it sound like your symptoms of joint issues.
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