Leg Pain ... Feels like the muscles have been overworked

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Has anyone felt muscle pain which feels like you have run a marathon or legs have been overworked?

My mom describes her pain like this and says that it's there all the time even at night. I tend to feel this is very different than spastic pain.
:-?......I would have to answer "yes", although the term "pain" can be viewed soooo many different ways. This is why it is so hard to explain to a friend or spouse how I really feel. Terms that come to mind (and they can change from day to day / hour to hour) are.....tense, tight, pulled, exhausted, weak, shakey, cramped, and a deep aching pain. Now, for me the aching and cramped feeling is more as the day goes on, but for the most part they feel terrible first thing in the morning. The frustrating part is I never wake up on any given day and say, "boy they feel great today", I am pretty much snapped back into reality the second my feet hit the floor and I try to go down my steps. And that just starts the vicious cycle all over again.
Thanks Kevin.

This deep aching pain that resembles the feeling of overworked muscles is also a key symptom of fibromyalagia.

I was just wondering if it is also a symptom of PLS. My says this pain never goes away and if she wakes up at night she feels it even then. She has no relief.
I don't know.....I suppose the feeling would & could be the same? I had read about Fibromyalgia and seen some commercials about it, some of the symptoms sure look like the same, but the symtoms fit so many other things that I just leave it up to my doctors to sort it all out. :-D ......I think the neuro must pick up on other signs in order to come with a PLS/MND diagnosed? I don't know maybe I put too much trust in them?
DO NOT GO TO The Same Doctor , Get several opinions this way you do not have a prejudiced opinion ,but several and keep your records at home of all the tests .I think personally if you lose your Grip Strength and leg muscle strength this is a good indicator of Muscle atrophy .This means the muscles are weak and if you dont keep track with a once a month check you will not know if any progression exists ,only the patient who keeps track will know ,you know your body better than anyone ,but some do not know how to express what is going on in there, henceforth you have all kinds of phrases used . This is why its very important for the patient to read all the Medical terms and understand what they mean . Taking charge of your life and not subrogating it out to loved ones . Geo
Hey guys,
dont you wish we had Fibromyalgia? I am not saying those people do not have problems, just better than the ones we have. I can tell you that a neuro can tell the difference between firbro and Pls or other neuro-musclular things. Brisk reflexes, spascity, stiffness, clonus, babinski sign, clinical weakness, all things not seen in fibro or pain conditions. I agree with you guys, life as it was is over, everyday is a struggle, the feelings that we feel, are just not easy to describe. Kevin, good way to describe the feeling we get. I think the spascity is what causes the lousy feeling, and stiffness, can really make this frustrating. Seems to me the more UMN symptoms we have, the more we discomfort we have.
It just seems that Fibromyalgia might at least be something to work with (not that it's any easy or that it's something that any of us want).....but to be honest this whole PLS/ALS/MND stuff scares the heck out of me.
I hear you Kevin. It scares me as a loved one watching it happen!
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