New fibromyalgia symptom

That rapid heartbeat thing could definitely be anxiety. I have had this, and that is what the doc and I concluded, after testing my heart and so forth, that it was.
If this were stroke you would know it by now; it wouldn't just keep going on like this, I don't think.

For the rapid heartbeat, what I did was get a fingertip pulse/oxymeter, and when my heart starts that up I put it on and just sit and concentrate on the number that represents my heartbeats per minute and will it to go down. It takes some time and concentration, but you can make your heartbeat get back to normal this way. It's basically a form of bio-feedback that you can do on your own.

I am wondering if the tingling could be neurological. Or if it could be another sign of anxiety.
Strangely enough I have one of those fingertip things and I can decrease my heart rate myself after a couple of minutes of breathing etc.

I think I might be making it worse as I have had no help from GP and just been left to it basically.
If you can decrease your heartrate, then you are well on the right path to making this better!! Definitely not making it worse.
Follow that up with the suggestions I made on the other thread where you are posting about this. And best of luck.
Hi and belated welcome. Just wanted to add that I have had these self harn issues. It happened upon waking and it felt like it was part of a dream but I would continue to hit my face for a short duration. Felt like frustration to me and might be related to my unwillingness to admit to my feelings of pain etc.
I had about 4 of these episodes and without treatment it stopped on its own. I may get this again and will update if there seems to be anything worth reporting.
1st of all welcome to the forum
🥂🧁 2nd please please please please please stop hurting yourself, please speak to a gp/someone about your emotional health (there really needs to be another way to deal with this) from having no family support, being raised in abuse (and experiencing adult abuse) i did use whats known as negative coping mechanisms to deal with things (why I am asking to please speak to someone, we all need a trusted confidant at some point in our lives) 🩷🤗🩷
@Auriel , and @Janny , the OP has not been back to the forum since before christmas, so is unlikely to get these responses from you.