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Mar 14, 2013
My two sons and I have found a new tv series that we are really wild about now. We have been watching all the episodes on netflix. It is called Breaking Bad. Has anyone seen this show? What do you think of it?
hey there! I saw that on Netflix and it looks kinda wild and crazy! totally am interested in starting that series... I just finished Durham County and Hemlock Grove. Hemlock Grove was a wee bit "naughty" but REALLY good! Definitely something you don't want to watch with your boys! LOL! Let me know what you think about Breaking Bad if you start. i'm in the market for my next series and haven't found anything except America's Got Talent.. lol.. by the way, sometimes it's a bit refreshing to communicate about things that are not related to Fibro ;)
Breaking Bad is an amazing show. I envy you that you are just starting to watch it. I wish I could forget watching it and see it all over from the beginning. I can't wait for the final season to start this year, it feels like it has been so long since the last episode. Netflix is great by the way for catching up on all those recent tv shows you might have missed. I am on there watching stuff very frequently.
My TV favorite Tv show, although is is in its fourth year is ABC's the Middle. It is a family show and comedy about a struggling Midwestern family. I think the characters are especially unique in their personalities and have a great chemistry. It is refreshing to find a TV show that is funny and clean.
i cant get into it- (breaking bad) its is brilliant but i think its a bit too real where i want complete escapism.
Love The Middle. Glad to know that their are people that still have Christmas decorations up on July fourth like
I love watching Tv shows and Tv series. I haven't see Breaking Bad, maybe I will try it. I am currently watching Hot in Cleveland, the best comedy series that I have ever seen, after friends :)
Thanks for the suggestion on Durham County. Could not stop watching, was up till 1230 am last night.
I am currently watching Private Practice, I have been watching it for a while a year ago but I got bored. Now that I've heard about some twists and turns, it got my attention again. It's a pretty good show, it has the exactly amount of drama a show needs. I hope they will create new shows and they will air them in the Fall. I want something new.
I really like Netflix , but I have never heard of Breaking Bad, except for hearing someone mention the name of it. My husband watches TV from the time he wakes up, until he goes to Ed at nite, but he usually watches comedy shows, so I have never seen him watching tis particular show either.
Since we only have one TV, I usually watch anything I want to watch on my iPad and use he headphones, so it drowns out the TV. Usually, I am just glad to drown out the TV noise, and listen to Pandora, but sometimes I like to watch documentaries, or something on YouTube.
I hardly watch any television outside of sports but I have found an excellent series called Continuum. The fist season is available on Netflix's instant stream. The second season is available on youtube, at least for the time being. It is about time travelers who go back to modern day times to prevent corporations from taking over the government. Yet these revolutionaries are labeled as t3rrorists. The show was picked up for a third season. I'm looking forward to watching it.
OMG, Breaking Bad is an awesome show! It just had it's last show last weekend and if you want to see something that makes you think they couldn't possibly freak you out anymore, this is the show for you! I also like Sons Of Anarchy! Netflix is pretty amazing way to watch tv! I love my dvr because I can hardly stand watching live tv because of all of the commercials!
I really enjoyed watching the following shows on Netflix: Chuck, Breaking Bad, My Name is Earl, Sherlock, & Raising Hope (to name a few).
Check out the walking dead if you have not already.
Yeah tell me name of it so i can also take taste of this new TV show...
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