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Mar 28, 2013
Hello All:

I was just diagnosed on Monday, but have been suffering from a flare for about a week now. It has been so painful, i just don't know where to turn. I am thankful to have a place to speak with people who know exactly how I feel. There are so many who think i'm "faking it". As if I would want to pretend i was in this much pain if I wasn't.:cry:
Welcome, kporopat! Sorry t see you need to be here, but glad to have you.
kporopat, Sorry to hear your having a bad flare, I know how much pain that can be and my heart goes out to you. No one will think your faking here. We have mostly all be through that of people not believing us as far as fibro goes and many have spoken of it here. Please take time to read the questions and answers, in the pain sections. Many of us have shared tips on managing the pain and ways to get your body and muscles to relax so they don't hurt so bad.

I am very glad you found this forum and hope you will continue to come back and add your own questions and take time to answer other peoples posts. I look forward to seeing your posts and answering your questions, and getting to know you through your sharing on the forum. :)
Here we can be comfortable with people like us. Exchange ideas, thoughts and on bad days even tears. I try to laugh at my unfortunate- nesses (yes and I like to make up my own words) it's good to giggle even when we hurt.
So Happy Giggles.
Thank you all so much for welcoming me. It has been a very tough week. I never even knew the pain could be so bad! I am very grateful to have a place to speak with people who understand.
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