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Mar 14, 2013
I was told recently to avoid night shade foods. Does anyone have a list or know exactely what consists of night shade foods? They say that for people with fibro, it is supposed to be avoided.
Here goes with a long list of foods you should avoid eating:
hot & sweet peppers
ground cherries
garden huckleberry
all potato based foods
GMO soy, only eat organic soy
red pepper
cayenne pepper
tobaseo sauces.

Said to help stop joint & muscle pain by not eating these items.
And yet, conversely, tomatoes, peppers, and many of the "spicy" spices are all considered anti-inflammatory which are supposed to help. It's all so trial and error and conflicting information, isn't it? Let us know how it goes if you decide to avoid nightshades.

BTW. I had no idea what a naranjilla was. OMG, what a weird looking little fruit! It's like someone crossed an orange and a kiwi.
Oh my goodness, now that is quite a list. The only ones I really eat alot of are tomatoes. I love them and have some form of tomato at every meal. Or even as a snack as in drinking V-8 juice. I do not drink alcohol so I am not worried about the vodka. I love hot spicy foods on occasion but if I have to it is not a big deal to lose the tabasco sauce in my diet. The soup is very broad, as in there are so many variety of soups. I am not sure which to avoid. And there a few items I may look up because I have never heard of them. Like the kinishes and naranjillas..But since I have never heard of them I guess I never ate them either.
I think the soups mentioned are ones with potatoes in them. You might try backing off eating so much stuff with tomatoes. Or try the yellow types that are low acid. They taste the same. There are yellow tomatoes and yellow (green) peppers. It is like eating Gala apples which are lower in acid. But since you eat so many tomatoes that might also be a allergy thing. Sometimes the things we love the most in foods are the very things our bodies can not handle. I love chicken, but I am allergic to it. When I eat it I get very weak and tired. Same with other foods that I now have to avoid. Might be you found an answer to why your feeling bad, or maybe not. Let us know if you decide to try avoiding these foods and how you feel? :)
Wow, thank you for that list, I've been wondering what all was on it. That is a lot longer that I had anticipated. But really I agree with Libragirl, the only one I really would miss is tomatoes, I like those, and my grandma told me they aren't a night shade plant! Shame on granny!
Ok I could live without most of that.... But Vodka! say it isn't so. That is like my first stocking up item to get me through the zombie apocalypse ;-)
I have spent quite a bit of my time cutting out food groups for either diet to loose weight or for anti inflamatory or IBS.
I must have gone through just about every food group, my base time for going without is 2 months. I figure if you dont notice anything in that time you never will. so far no food experiment has made any difference to me what so ever. i am on a reduced carb diet at the moment as that is supposed to help loose weight and cut inflamatory stuff. we'll se how that goes when i get really serious, im just on the slow down portion of my test so far. But everyoneis different, what works for one doesnt always work for everyone else
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