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Mar 14, 2013
I was talking to a friend and she told me that there are certain colors that help soothe us. The color pink is said to be extremely calming. As well as the colors light blue and green. Has anyone ever noticed that some colors just bring on a reaction in your brain? Has anyone ever heard of this?
I am not totally sure, but I found this on HubPages :)

Even on a smaller budget and less free time, it's possible to redecorate a little further to improve your mood and energy. There's something to be said about the psychological effects colors have on our lives. You'd be surprised what changing out a few throw pillows or adding a slip cover to an excitably colored chair can do.
Blues and greens on an otherwise neutral pallet offer the most refreshing and low stress ambiance to a room. Lighter shades of these work better in lifting our spirits and leave us with more mental clarity. While some individuals favor bright and bold colors, these may not be the best choice. Many people with fibromyalgia are sensitive to visual stimuli so a bold color has an energy draining effect rather than inspirational.
It's also helpful to avoid a lot of patterns or contrasts in styles. These things can be kept on a small scale as accent pieces, but are overwhelming to many fibro sufferers. Aim for solid colors, and focus on different textures if you desire more variety, not patterns. A brown shag rug contributes visual interest to a room without being distracting and showy.
I have heard that pastel colors can help brighten someones spirits. Like pink or yellow, blue and green. It might depend on personal choices of favorite colors as to what lifts your spirits or depresses them, but I always wanted to have a house that I could experiment with color to see if it helped me or not. A friend of mine once used a mixture of cream/peachy color on her walls in her kitchen. When the sunlight came in the room in the mornings it gladdened the heart to see that hint of peach. It might be worth trying.
Since your a nature girl and enjoy camping as well, :) maybe the greens and blues, would be your thing. If you try it let us know if it works for you.
Overall that is a very interesting question. I hope more people have some insight and experience. That would be great if colors could help a little bit :)
as you know im planning to decorate the house room at a time.
Colour therapy can be a very useful tool for your wellbeing.
My guest room is going to be a relaxing light to mid blue
My bedroom wil be two colours. Pale yellow at my workroom end, its supposed to enhance clear thinking and creativity but he bed end will be a paleish pink again for relaxation and to help sleep.

There are many sites online telling you the meanings of colour.
I cant stand bold dark colours in a room ,they tend to fuel my depression and some like dark red or very dark blue bring on panic attacks.
Pastel or bright cheery colours always make me feel good
There might be some truth on this. Everytime I am down, I would love to be surrounded with color yellow. The color is so bright that in a way it lofts my moods and makes my day a brighter one. When I want to just slow down and relax, I prefer looking or using colors pink and white. If I want to get things done, be "the boss", and impose deadline, I wear red. There is something about red that exudes power and strength. If I want to be sexy, black it is.

That is why I agree when you say there are colors that sooth us. There really is.
I find the colour blue relaxing, although it can be difficult to make sure the shades you use aren't too cold. I like the more green/blues too, like duck egg blue. I've been thinking about decorating my bedroom, and have decided to go with cream walls so it doesn't become over powering, and am going to use accessories in blue to bring the colour in. When I was a kid I always had my bedroom painted blue though!
Here is a suggestion as well. I have been puting fingernail polish on my nais lately. My favorite colors of blue. It sounds silly, but it makes me feel good. I do not know if it is the color or the fact that I am painting my nails and like the look. So my brain is showing a sign of happiness. But it really has been bringing me a smile for a few moments in time. I also have a bright pink nail polish I have been wearing. It reminds me of my grandaughters arrival. ( which is going to be pretty soon now :) ) Maybe it is a simple psychological trick but it seems to help a little.
I was talking to a friend and she told me that there are certain colors that help soothe us. The color pink is said to be extremely calming. As well as the colors light blue and green. Has anyone ever noticed that some colors just bring on a reaction in your brain? Has anyone ever heard of this?

Pink? Pink makes me go crazy, I hate that color, it only makes me nervous. As for blue and green, I agree, they are calming color. I am repainting my bedroom and I am going to make it light purple, I find that color very nice and relaxing.
I am fully on board with this idea. I've painted the walls in my house with soothing colors. Beige, pink, baby blue, lavender, and even a pale orange are the most soothing to me. I also try to buy clothing with these colors. I'm big on surrounding myself with positive vibes which absolutely includes colors.
I've heard of this and I believe it's true. In my experience, when entering a house with strong yellow or green walls, I get a headache instantly. Strong red makes me irritable. I just painted my bedroom and I chose a light purple. It relaxes me. When it was still wet I thought it was a little too much, but now when I see the final result I can say that I've made a good choice.
Yeah i also experienced this kind of memory in my past. Once i was very ill and not able to move from bed for long time then a particulate time came when i saw some dancers and they wore very different kind costumes which is so nice and i get so attract towards that and walk by them...
I do find pastels as well as lighter shades of green and blue to be colors that are quite calming. I've even taken the time to pay attention when we are at doctor's offices and I notice that the majority of the exam rooms are painted in these types of colors. I think that there really has to be something to the philosophy.
Color therapy has worked good for me for years. i bought me more than a few pairs of colored glasses. These types of glasses were items that were sold out of a yoga magazine, that was intended to help the mind, body, and spirit, feel at ease. Each color helped a different sense.One color helped the mind feel more creative, another feel more relaxed. Different colors do help the mind relax.
There are a lot of different trains of thought relating to this....I personally find chakra work interesting, and so the whole spectrum of the rainbow has that potential, if nothing else. I do find blues and greens to be well as the right shades of purple.
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