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Jul 31, 2013
Rivers State
Hello! Everyone in the house. Am new to the forum but have been living with the fibro symptoms for fifteen years now( at least as far back as I can markedly remember). But just diagnosed on june 25th 2013 after painfuly passing through many wrong and diverse diagnosis. Alas armed with the name of an ailment and a few unclear explanations by the Doc. I was confussed enough to immediately desire to seek help from the internet. At least to see if what I feel for all these years is real. Its been weeks of mixed feelings since the many read-ups I've been doing. None of which have brought much relief except the right terminologies and expressions.
Right now am still undergoing the worst fliar-up I've ever had and for the longest period-for 4 months now- and not yet over. QUITE INCAPACITATING. Am short of words to discribe how I feel at the moment. The meds given at my visits to th doc after being diagnosed has not made any difference. The sumptoms are worsening. And ofcourse many reactions- I also have multiple chemical reactions...
I'll continue this write-up latter. Am tired
Welcome. I am hoping my diagnosis will be confirmed this week ( final labs still out) like you it's been 15 yrs of feeling crazy. I am also in the worst flare I have ever had. 3 Months into it. Hoping I get a diagnosis and can get meds to try to help. Hope they start working for you soon.
Hello TurtleRunnerNC! Good to hear from u. Don't realy know what the meds are suppose to do for me, because right now am having more complications than I had before istarted with them.
I am simply up-side dowd. I wish u the best too. When I competely emerge from this state hepe tostar trying some self help ideas I'v been mopping up from some sites I'v been to. Just need help to break this cycle of pain. :-(
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