1. SweetWithSour

    Today I took some power back! I fired my primary care Dr.

    Today I took some of my power back! I called patient experience to requested a primary care doctor change. "Maybe you just forgot how to walk" doctor.... You are fired! I will no longer let you minimize my problems, not listen, and gaslight me. For me, our 18 year relationship is over. You no...
  2. SweetWithSour

    Welcome back Broke Bill Betty

    I had a wonderful cup of coffee on the back patio this morning. A dear old friend stopped by for a visit. Broke Bill Betty came back to visit ❤️ she had part of her bill missing. She stayed in our pond for a while as she healed and learned to manage with 1/2 her top bill missing. We made...
  3. Y

    rash on the back of neck

    Hello, I've noticed a lot of friends with short hair and fibro have a purple red rash on the back of the neck, I checked my own neck and I have it too. I've not read it in the official symptoms list is it a 'thing' or am I imagining it?:?:
  4. A

    Could it be fibromyalgia????

    Hello i am a 26 year old male , one morning i woke up and both arms and legs felt weak, i will back the story up, before that day i worked out 4 times a week, and i work a office job but had a seasonal job 2 weeks* before i the weakness started that i had to stand and run and jump a lot as a...
  5. A


    Fibromyalgia-diagnosed Hello everyone, My name is Athina and i am from Greece. I am 28 years old and recently before a month and a half i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,afer 5 years of endless running to the doctors for pain in the hands, in my back, in my legs and making all kind of exams...
  6. L

    Diagnosed Today!!!

    hi everyone, Just got diagnosed today. Honestly always thought this was just a diagnoses doctors give when they dont know whats wrong! I have been a full time waitress for 38 years and just thought the pain was due to that. However the pain is so constant and fierce that I finally had to go...
  7. N

    Has anyone had breast reduction/lift with Fibro?

    Hi all, You don't know me. I'm new to the forum. I can't type very long on the computer because of my severe Fibro condition. So, I've mostly been just lurking around. But now I have a question... First, let me say that I have large (36D or DD) breasts and have not been able to wear a bra for...
  8. E

    Headaches and other symptoms

    Are anyone else's issues worse at the moment? I'm wondering if it's the change of season, but I've been doing so well with my headaches and now they're back and won't completely go away and it's starting to freak me out. I thought I had found something really helpful for my headaches, so why is...
  9. C

    Work Accommodation

    Have a job that requires me to sit, talk, and type all day. It can be very stressful at times. I’m in the processing of requesting a modification to my schedule because my two days off are not back to back and it requires me to work late. I have small children, so I still have to get up early...
  10. H

    Help and support

    Hi. I'm new to this. I have been diagnosed with M.E and fibromyalgia. I have really low mood and I think I've tried most anti depressants. I'm currently taking amitriptyline 50mg. I tried to go up to 75mg but couldn't tolerate this so had to come down again. I don't really know if it is...