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Feb 12, 2013
Hello All,

I'm wondering what you all do to maintain/lose weight. Or if you have trouble in this area?
Exercising is so hard/painfull! I also have PCOS (a hormone disorder) which makes it really hard to lose weight without working out twice as hard as normal women!

Any advise is appreciated! :)

Weight gain is a problem for me as well. I try to walk some when I can and do a bit of gardening in the summer time. Winter time, here in PA, I shovel out my walkway so the mailman can get to the door and I do housecleaning. Just running the sweeper and dusting can do me in. I also switched to a vegan type vegetarian diet. I try to eat more organic fruits and vegetables, and stay away from sweet stuff. If I don't buy the sugar-loaded sweets I tend to eat more healthier stuff. But my medication I take for other illness causes weight gain, so I can only do so much, but the ticket is to keep moving and doing something that exercises your body. Not much help I fear, but there are lots of folks around the forum with good ideas. Look forward to reading your posts.
I also have a hormone disorder, I have to take cortisol the rest of my life and it seems the weight never comes off. I also had Pcod before my hysterectomy.The fibro can be very tricky in exercising. If you do to much at first your muscles get to sore and you have to back off. You are always sopose to start out VERY, slow and work up. If you know of a heated pool around you can use that would be even better.The pool keeps the weight off your joints and doesn't put the weight on the muscle like it would on the ground. If you don't have a pool you can use,just remember to start out slow stretching first the first 3 to 4 weeks, don't get in a hurry or you will pay in pain.
I go for walks a lot when the weather is warm. This winter I've been doing Tai Chi but that doesn't necessarily help take weight off. I think that watching what you eat is the best thing that can be done here. For me, that means being on a low carb diet. I've made that a way of life and so far, so good.
Good diet with extra added willpower (I'm not good on willpower)
Exercise with what's comfortable. I go to the swimming pool one a week with a great bunch of ladies and I'm in there for about an hour doing gentle water jogging.
I try to walk half an hour a day even if it's two 15 min segment.
I have been trying to lose weight for a year and have managed ten pounds in that time.
It can be done but be prepared for it to take longer than fit people.
Good luck.
I love walking. I miss it right now with the winter being here. I hope spring gets here soon so I can get outside again.
Because exercise is difficult for us, we have to really be careful with what goes into our mouths. Recently
Canada's Food Guide has set up a site where you can make your food choices personalized to your tastes while still following their guidelines for healtlhy eating. It has helped me with weight gain until the weather is not so cold and walking is an option. Just do not over do it as the consequences set you back with a vengence.
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