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Mar 1, 2013
I sometimes have this weird taste in my mouth, just before my IBS flares and I have a mild episode of concentration loss and irritability (almost like some of you might describe the fibro fog). It is somewhere between metal, wet dog and cow behind. (sorry a bit graphic, but this is how close I can get to describe the taste.)

Have any of you ever experienced the bad mouth sensation and is it an indication of an IBS of pain flare?
I thought it was just me!
i spent over a year at the doctors trying to find out what it was, i was put on different antibiotics that just made me sick coz they thought i'd had a synus infection or thrush of the mouth or some kind of stomach infection. It never cured it and the docs just sort of gave up trying to find what it was. I still have it now and your grafic-ness puts into words almost exacly the taste -add a hint of gaseous fumes and its a perfect description.
I used to have a metallic taste in my mouth in my young days of this illness, but luckily for me it has gone away. I might mention if you taste metal or metallic, or sometimes smell a odor like burning rubber, (that is sometimes related to a seizure disorder,) or also for people who get migraine headaches and is called an aura. It is a warning that a migraine might be on the way, or if someone has seizures, it is a warning that one may occur.
I used to get very terrible migraine headaches and before they happened I would often smell smokey odors or like burning rubber. I drove my husband crazy searching the house to make sure we didn't have a fire somewhere's. Luckily it was all in my head. lol :)
Could this possibly be from tooth issues. I know my teeth in the back are getting bad. And sometimes I do get that rotten taste in my mouth. Or sometimes I get it when I have really bad acid reflux. So maybe this does corralate to IBS syndrome.
Yeah, I get that from time to time.....although it seems like it's more in the winter. I have it now, in fact. I also have reflux problems, but only when I have IBS flare ups. The taste is awful and sometimes I can even smell it...ugh. I also have sinus drainage most of the time, which only exacerbates the nastiness.
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