Fighting Fibro-Fog

A lady rubbing her head in frustration

Fibromyalgia often creates episodes and experiences that create a loss of mental clarity and problems with memory.  These episodes are called "fibro fog," and is a side effect of Fibromyalgia that can have a significant impact on individuals.  Patients have described it as having a ping-pong ball loose in your brain, trying to land on the right words to say, or, as simple as constantly losing things or mix-matching phone numbers.  

While we can all relate to these incidents from periods in our lives it's important to understand that for someone with Fibromyalgia, the incidents are much more often and more severe than the general population.  "Fibro fog" is much more severe, often, and more negatively impacts the lives for people suffering with Fibromyalgia.

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I've always felt dizzy, misplaced, confused or generally "out of it" when my Fibromyalgia first started.  Now I know the name for it.  Periodically my clarity is lost, I feel like 'Um, what?' It's almost a memory thing. 'Did I do that?' Or 'Didn't I do that?'

I am getting into this deep,deep depression state. I can't work, I have put on weight from medication. I've had side effects from medication - Lyrica, I am now on Savella - can't tell if it's helping.I want to get better but I don't feel like exercising when it hurts to get up,it hurts to sit, it hurts to lay for to long & even riding in a car for long intervals is painful.How can I cope?

I started drinking these shakes they are called body by vi shakes. They have helped me loose weight with out working out and I have energy. Not like crack head or jitters energy. Just normal energy. Now for the first time in years i can get up in the morning when everybody else does after I drink my shake. I can even get things done around the house now. I'm not saying that the shakes took my fibro away because it didnt. It just boosted up my energy and i was able to loose some weight. I wish i could find a magic pill to help you and me with our pain but I havent found that yet. I take hydromorphone and that doesnt work for me anymore. I dont know what to do? what do you take for pain?


Hi there, I suffer from Depression along with Fybromyalgia and get Fibro Fog all the time, my husband finds it hillarious, because all I say is " get me the thing from the thing". Anyway, I know what u mean about exercise, I used to love it, but since I got Depression and Fybromyalgia, I don't want to do anything. Have more bad days than good. But what makes me feel better is gentle exercise, walking, swimming. Cutting out all junk, eating smoothies, good food, spending time with family. Having a bath, getting my hair done, wearing nice clothes, getting a massage. Do something every day that's makes you feel good. And when your having a bad, just think tomorrow will be better! Live for today x


I am from a research company based in Makati, Philippines and we are interviewing people with Fibromyalgia who are taking Lyrica or has stopped taking Lyrica.

Please keep in touch, Thanks!

Yda Santos

I know I get fibro fog often when I'm in a situation where there are a lot of fluorescent lights, excessive perfume or cologne, or a lot of background noise.

A big precursor to the fog is when I haven't gotten a good night's sleep or I'm feeling more pain. All of these things mean I can have a hard time focusing on the things that are important.

My kids and family tell me that I'm crazy when I'm talking and all of a sudden stop talking because i forgot what i was saying. my boyfriend makes me feel dumb because he'll say okay okay okay ouuuut with the words, you can say it. Kinda like making fun of me. My sister tells me that im not sick that i'm looking for sympathy from who ever will give it to me. I hate haveing fibro.

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

 I to have the problem of talking about something and all of a sudden can' t remember  what I was saying.

This  happens  every day,  it has lasted for over 7 months one time.

It went  away and now is back full strength.

I can  walk in a room to do something  ,and then don't know why I went in the room.

Like today I feel very tired. No energy .  People just don't understand this.

Hope this helps you , to know you are not alone or that it is just in your head.

It is a very real problem.


Hi Norma,
I really can relate to your frustration I forget what I am about to say a lot.
Family members or not try really hard to be around positive people believe me it helps
those who don't understand or at least sympathize keep some type of distance away
I use to be defensive always explaining myself not anymore and believe it or not it
helps when I am feeling good you can always email me; we can keep each other uplifted.
I was so....depressed and one day I decided that I want to feel better without anyone
else's help. My husband thought the same thing he use to say I cant sit here with you
pretending to be in pain, I cried my eyes out for two days and then I reached inside
myself and pulled it together. To me that was the best thing that could have happen I
don't need or want anyone else's pity I just want to get well and feel better.

I was suffering from fibro-fog on and off for several years before my official diagnosis. Before I knew what it was I kept feeling that I was becoming stupid and dull, if that even makes sense. I got depressed because my work suffered and my grad school grades suffered. I was always tired and my mind was always slow and sluggish.

I also found it difficult in social situations where I couldn't catch what other people were saying, I couldn't process them or couldn't remember what I was going to say. It was embarrassing because my line of work requires quick thinking and analysis.

I've just started on my medication (Lyrica) and thankfully it's been working wonders for me. It's the first time in years that I felt like my mind is clear. The meds make me feel tired more often and I think it's been causing my now more frequent headaches but I'll take those side effects if it means that I can function free of fog.

Now I understand what happened to me. I thought I'm going senile. I always stop mid sentence because I can't remember what words I'm about to say. It really affect my work as I can't deliver my points well during meetings and discussions. :(

My memory of things years ago is still sharp. Recent events, however, are muddled. For example, I made my bed yesterday and have no memory of doing so. A family member witnessed me making the bed.

I was abused as a child and later I was abused in my marriage. I was diagnosed with fibro a year before I fled the marriage.

I don't know if my memory gaps/loss is fibro fog, result of emotional trauma, or the start of dementia. How can I find the answers to this so i can seek proper treatment?

Hi dlgabor527. Before suspecting dementia you might want to consider the medications you're on, if any, and the timelines of when you started to take them. If it's not that, then it could be fibro fog. A good doctor or neurologist should have tests that you can take to rule out, or rule in, dementia.

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