What is Paintracking?

Paintracking is not about dwelling on your pain, but instead, is an approach to help provide information that increases your control over your condition and your life. "Paintracking," or studying your body's responses will help you to increase the number and duration of pain-free times.

To understand your pain, what works to help, and what doesn't, it's important to have various strategies for different situations based on daily evidence of your experience.  Understanding that you feel exhausted with your situation, making, finding and creating time for painttracking may be the most difficult task of all.  However, tracking your pain clearly, accurately and often is a necessity.  Daily worksheets, mobile applications, desktop software or a simple printed chart will help make paintracking more successful and simpler to follow.  Paintracking tools are available for download at the bottom of this page.

By learning from your body, you learn not only how to live better with your current body, but also how to improve through a regimen geared specifically to your needs and abilities. Information gained from this simple daily exercise provides answers to perplexing questions about the effects of various medicines, therapies, activities, and environmental conditions and overall well-being. Paintracking will help you figure out how to improve the quality of your sleep, increase your stamina, and improve your quality of life. Understanding allows you to predict and prepare for bad situations and difficult times. Paintracking will help eliminate the unnecessary and frightening experiences of "out of the blue" pain flare-ups. All the while you can focus on continuously increasing good periods through ongoing adaptation.

Paintracking also provides a plethora of information, tips, and advice about leading the most comfortable and productive life. Paintracking focuses primarily on fibromyalgia, regarded as the most prevalent cause of persistent muscular-skeletal pain. 

Paintracking Tools