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  1. B

    Undiagnosed with Variety of Symptoms

    Hi everyone, I’m a 32 year old male and have been dealing with various symptoms since September 2017 that I can’t seem to get a firm answer. I first started having an aching pain in my left chest in September 2017. I went to the ER and had bloodwork run, an EKG, and chest x-ray that all came...
  2. medicmurphy

    Been A While

    Greetings to all of you, It's been a few months since I've checked in to the forum. I've been browsing and can see some of you are still actively battling this nasty syndrome. I also see that there are a few more members. The last I posted was about attempting to increase some exercise in an...
  3. Tipnatee N

    Chilblains have anyone ever got it?

    I know it's the winter illness but with fibromyalgia I suddenly getting them during summer heat . I'm very puzzling by it. When I was living in New Zealand 20 years ago I was diagnosed with this symptom call Chilblain . Chilblain is a very painful burning itchy red swollen on fingers and toes...
  4. M

    No shame here/Dr. App, eyesight.

    I am starting to be open with people about fibromyalgia. My last eye appointment When being asked about why I had high blood pressure, I told her "I have fibromyalgia, I wont bug you with details, not many people understand. Her reaction took me by surprise. She said "my Mum has fibromyalgia...
  5. A

    Hi, I am new

    Hi I am new to this forum and I am really glad that I found this forum. I have some questions about FM. I am 25 y/o male. I had stressful life since my childhood and I remember that headache started when I was 8 or 9.I just want to give some symptoms of my health and ask for your help and...
  6. T

    This is hell

    So I know I probably shouldn't do this without doctor supervision but I am pretty sure he would have me do it the same way as I am doing it. I decided that I am sick to death of taking so many medications in a day. I was taking 31 pills a day and just decided enough is enough so I decided to...
  7. T

    Doctors visit

    Hi all, Just wanted to tell you about my visit to the doctor last week. He has now diagnosed me with IBS, high blood pressure (154/94)and high cholesterol all of which he gave me medications for including an inhaler for my asthma. So now I am taking 28 medications a day not including the...
  8. N

    TENS unit for pain adverse reaction??

    I bought a TENS unit a few days ago and have been using it daily. I went to the doctor yesterday they checked my BP and the left arm was 74/48 and the right was 98/54. I'm not sure of the bottom numbers so don't quote me. I've always had low blood pressure but not that low especially in the left...
  9. S


    While attempting to put the pieces of this fibro puzzle together for myself, licorice came to mind. I remember reading once that licorice could cause adverse effects in some people: this is according to the University of Maryland Medical Center: "Licorice with glycyrrhizin may cause serious...
  10. R

    Not a death sentence

    Some patients when diagnosed with fibromyalgia go into panic mode and become depressed. This stress is one of the dynamics that accelerates FM. Doctors should give pretest counselling especially to teenage patients who look at it like a death sentence. Post test counselling is also required. The...
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