brain fog

  1. O

    Struggling to finish school, any advice?

    I’m trying so hard to graduate and get my degree (undergrad BA) but my pain and I just don’t work well with the expected college student life. I struggle to get to campus every day and sit in their uncomfortable little chairs and work at my computer for hours. I’m too tired out from being at...
  2. R

    How I Manage the Fog and Stay Motivated

    Brain fog. Memory problems. Fatigue. Motivation. Real fear of pain and screwing up--forgetting the school conference, missing an appointment, doing too much or not enough and paying the price. We all know what it's like. Most of us haven't ever learned to embrace pride and celebrate our...
  3. A

    Types of Fibro + Some Progress

    I've seen so many doctors and had so many different diagnoses that the story would be too long for this post. I'll just say my fibromyalgia is very "muscular" and accompanied by extreme stiffness. No joint pain but major pain in legs + general discomfort all the time + brain fog. I've made...
  4. K

    New to this forum not new to FM/CFS/ME

    Hi, I have had the problems listed since I inherited it from my Mother. At 81 yrs. of age I have been through most of all the terrible things we live thru. My reason for posting is Fibro Fog & Brain Fog (CFS). In Jan. 2017 my left leg buckled & I fell ending up in the hospital. They did an...
  5. I

    how do people live like this?

    in pain constantly. constant brain fog. constant digestive issues from everything. skin crawling in the most uncomfortable way. debilitating fatigue. i can't enjoy anything. how do people live like this? it's not even like there are enjoyable things in life so there is a reason to continue. it's...
  6. F

    I think I found the cause!

    Hi, so I was convinced I had leaky gut syndrome for the past month or so, probably due to celiac disease. It doesn't look like I have celiac, so I thought next that this has to be leaky gut. Now I got a book from the library about fibromyalgia, and I am watching a YouTube video on it and OMG...
  7. I

    is it normal for fibro sufferers to have lots of symptoms?

    or do you notice only a few? i get dizzy and nauseous when walking or trying to exercise, swallowing difficulties, muscle and joint pain, restless arm and leg, headaches, brain fog, sleep issues, sensitive to noise, touch, temperature. and horrible feelings of dread. started duloxetine, hoping...
  8. 1sweed

    Fibro fog-- What is it? and The Dangers of fibro fog

    My advice is to turn of your sound for this video. The music is loud and annoying. But it has lots of good info on Fibro-fog.
  9. Tipnatee N

    What type of fibro are you?

    For a very long time I'm struggeling try to figure out why are there so many different type of pains that many fibro sufferer experiences?. Some fibro sufferer I don't share any common with at all, while some I share far too many. Can we categorize our symptoms ? Which type of fibro pains...
  10. Tipnatee N

    Oh no I can't speak!! , still can think and typing but can't say anything .

    Is it fibro fog or my vocal cord is not fuction correctly? Usually when it comes to communication ability when it comes to my fibro fog , I usually get slur words, can't complete the sentences, lost vocabularies along with my short terms memories lost or just simply lost the reality all together...