1. SweetWithSour

    Pain management apt: excitment, anxiety, and fear

    I have my pain management doctor appointment tomorrow. Part of me is thrilled and about time as this was scheduled in October. There is also a lot of anxiety and fear of repeats of past experiences with pain management, or I should say lack there of. They resulted in psych consults, and pain...
  2. L


    Does anyone else have sensitivity to the loud noise and bright lights from fireworks? My daughter was performing yesterday at a fairly big festival with the band she’s in at school and we were all given the opportunity to stay on for the fireworks display after. I was really reluctant because...
  3. C

    Struggling Around Ever Returning to Normal Work

    I am 46 next month. I am waiting for a SSI court hearinng 15 months out. But I want to attend grad school slowely too. I am sure I need multiple other diagnosis. That contribute to med. Intolerances too. I have had so much degenerative disc disease and neck pain I fear being unable to cope with...
  4. J

    My Story

    Hi to all, looking for some feedback and any at all would be greatly appreciated. Am a 35 year old male, generally healthy and love sports. My problems generally began about 14 months ago with very painful back spasms. This was accompanied by muscle twitching all over the body, which would...
  5. Tipnatee N

    What was the worst thing have you ever done to your self in time of desperation?

    Warning : PLEASE DON'T EVER DO IT. Cause I'm ashame to admitting but I have gone through the deep end with so many extremely painful flare up days and so many many sleepless night. But I felt the need to let other people knows about this so no one will fallen to the victim of the Desparation...
  6. Tipnatee N

    What type of fibro are you?

    For a very long time I'm struggeling try to figure out why are there so many different type of pains that many fibro sufferer experiences?. Some fibro sufferer I don't share any common with at all, while some I share far too many. Can we categorize our symptoms ? Which type of fibro pains...
  7. 1sweed

    Interesting Read

    I got a magazine in the mail called Pain-Free Living, and it has a good article in it by a doctor Abraham Rivera, M.D., called Perplexed By Pain. In the article he talks about how hard it is to find reasons for pain and it usually becomes a process of elimination being the only way doctors can...
  8. VanGogh

    "Did I say something wrong?"

    Misunderstandings happen. Do they happen more when one has Fibro? I'm hesitant to even mention this wondering if it will be taken out of context. It just seems to me that a number of people must read into words or comments things that are not there or at least not intended to be mean or hurtful...
  9. A

    Cold, tired, in lots of pain

    Oh man. I am so over it. I can't seem to find a position to lie or sit in that doesn't involve pain at the moment. I don't just have fibro. I also have ankylosing spondylitis and I frequently get what's called nutcracker oesophagus, which is where the oesophageal muscle spasms and cramps and it...
  10. S

    scared of my future with fibro!

    Okay, so i am 19 and have had fibro for almost 5 years. Its been really severe and even mild sometimes. But it really effects me and my ability to do normal everyday things. Juggling a job, a full course load in uni and outside activities is a lot for anyone but even more so for me. My entire...
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