1. M

    It's good to know others understand!

    Hi all I am new to the forum and have just recently been diagnosed with fibro. I also have arthritis in my hands, feet and lower spine, which doesn't help. I have been finding it difficult to come to terms with the constant pain, which seems to be controlling everything I do and how I do it...
  2. M

    Lidocaine Patches

    After a recent injury to my foot, and hearing about Lidocaine Patches I asked my Dr. If he could perscribe some for me. He did 30 a months worth. I have been wearng them not only on my feet, but my lower back too. ( THEY HELP!!!).
  3. Tipnatee N

    Chilblains have anyone ever got it?

    I know it's the winter illness but with fibromyalgia I suddenly getting them during summer heat . I'm very puzzling by it. When I was living in New Zealand 20 years ago I was diagnosed with this symptom call Chilblain . Chilblain is a very painful burning itchy red swollen on fingers and toes...
  4. D


    Hi Everyone, I was just curious how many of you have been able to carry on driving or any stories of anyone who like me had to give up because the repetitive movements on my feet and knees and arms and twisting my neck at junctions etc was too much. Pulling up the handbrake was so painful and i...
  5. A

    Cold, tired, in lots of pain

    Oh man. I am so over it. I can't seem to find a position to lie or sit in that doesn't involve pain at the moment. I don't just have fibro. I also have ankylosing spondylitis and I frequently get what's called nutcracker oesophagus, which is where the oesophageal muscle spasms and cramps and it...
  6. D


    I have been trying to exercise more after months ..infact the last 2 years very inactive due to huge flare/downturn. So walking round my large living room in circuits or around my garden building up slowly from a few minutes to eventually 10 15 or 20 minutes a few times a day depending on how...
  7. D

    how to rebuild unused muscles

    I have been very inactive due to high pain for the past 2 years...so at home all the time. I am suddenly very worried about the amount of muscle mass i have lost and i was in quite good shape even with fibro prior to this as i walked as much as possible and kept flexible doing my house chores...
  8. L

    Foot pain?

    I know fibro seems to have a lot to answer for but does anyone else suffer from foot pain? I've been doing a lot of walking this last week & have had pain on the top of both feet but as this has started to improve, I now have pain on the ball of my left foot, even at rest & painkillers don't do...
  9. vickythecat

    new doctor, how to make the best of the appoinment

    Hi, Yesterday I went to a doctor after 3 years of avoiding doctors. (had lost all my trust in doctors and hospitals, after they managed to mess up the basic/common injuries I had sustained after a fall. I now suffer even more thanks to their mistakes.) I guess I am lucky that I live in a...
  10. Zolly

    Fibro or ?

    Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with Fibromayalgia in January this year.. even though it had been mentioned before I was diagnosed too I always seemed to think it was something else. I've been trying over the last few weeks to really pay attention to my pain and where it is and I've noticed it's in...